A very productive day...
Not so easy come, but definitely easy go...

Saving $$$ where I can...

This move is costing us HUGE amounts of money, I've been saving for it as I knew it was going to be a very expensive move, but it's still painful to see that balance drop so drastically. I think so far we've dropped around $4K and we're not even close to being moved yet...

Needless to say, money is going here and there and everywhere. 

So I'm cutting back where I can, only spending when it's absolutely necessary - bascially just food at this point - and saving money and tucking it away like a squirrel saves nuts for the winter! 

Recently I decided to save with my carry-on luggage for our 2 day train trip. 

I ordered this fabulous LUG "Puddle Jumper" backpack at a price of $148.00. Wait! That's not cheap! You're right, definitely not cheap, but I loved it, loved the colour, loved all the pockets, loved the size and knew it would look good. 

Hmmm... "look good", who am I trying to impress? Nobody.

Soo... the thought of spending almost $150.00 on a bag to use for 2 days on a train that I more than likely wouldn't use again (I don't like backpacks so was going to use it by the top handle instead) was kind of a foolish purchase. And an expensive one at that. 

I cancelled my order and recieved a full refund. Guilt eased. 




Fast forward after a week of looking online for other carry on bags that were affordable and would hold what I needed it to. After flopping back and forth between a handful of bags, I finally decided it was probably best to look "in person" so I'd be 100% sure of what I needed. I also decided it was time to come of off my "Champagne Taste" budget and stick to our more realistic "beer budget". LoL!! 

Last night child #2 and I ran out to WalMart to do some grocery shopping for the week and I thought I'd take a quick peek to see if they had anything that would work for me... 

I found this super adorable kitschy rolling suitcase at a fabulous price of $21.97 & tax. It's bold, different and will definitely stand out! 




Pin-up girls and vintage cars! So cool!! 




It's a really nice size case with 2 large outer pockets which I'll use for my iDevices, charging cords, etc.. The interior has plenty enough room for my books, DSLR and my tank of a lens I'm using for the trip, stuff to keep me occupied on the trip, and oh yeah, even some clothes. LOL!! Obviously it's not something that will last for years of travel and back-packing around Europe, but, seeing as I rarely travel, this is perfect for me and I won't feel guilty every time I see it starting at me from my closet after our trip. 


Luggage for everyone else has cost me about $150.00 as I found fabulous deals on luggage and backpacks for the kids. For *EVERYONE* else. You can see why I felt guilty right? Luggage for 5 people (including a carry-on each!) would have cost the same amount as my one carry on. 

Needless to say, my guilt is gone and we managed to buy luggage and carry ons for all 5 of us for well under $200.00. Not bad at all... 

The difference between the 2 bags was almost $125.00. That's now sitting pretty in our savings account.

"It's a good thing."