Sale on all my RTS cork items!!
16 days & 6 hours...

Weekly Goals Update!

It's been a week... lol! Just looking back on my weekly goals to see how I did as I'm going to post new goals tomorrow for next week!
  1. Get new $500.00 glasses fixed! We ended up exchanging them for a different style. Customer service was HORRID, but we could not get a refund (which is BS) so we had to choose a different style.
  2. Fill in papers changing address & whatnot from Ontario to Nova Scotia and bring them downtown to get them in process. Nope... this will be bumped to my goal list for next week!
  3. Finish the rest of my custom orders. Yes! Then I took on a few more... lol! I'm sewing this week too.. it's honestly helping keep my mind off of things I can't control with this move.
  4. Mail out all RTS envelopes. Yep, done!
  5. Use up as many freezer foods as possible! Yes, working on it! Meals have been very interesting to say the least!
  6. Order girls new beds and *perhaps* matching night table. Yes, beds have been orderd but I took a pass on the nightstand until I see how big the rooms are in person.
  7. Change my address with my bank, life insurance company & whoever else I need to but can't remember at this moment. I changed it with our bank, still have to change it with life insurance company but keep forgetting to dig out the papers!
  8. Do more packing! Yes, we have most of the packing done and are slowing packing more. We can't pack everything as we need to use things until we move, and will be packing some of our stuff in suitcases to check on the train. Once Dallas gets it in gear it'll make my life easier but he's waiting until the very last minute to pack naturally. *sigh* I need to get into the basement area better but his crap is blocking the way and I'm not packing for him and us!
  9. Bump up all my ads for bookshelves, etc.. and post more items for sale. Yes, but I'm over it. I think I'm going to call the Diabetes Association tomorrow and arrange a pick up before we move for the rest of our furniture.
  10. Order new address labels from VistaPrint. Done, and hopefully they arrive sooner than later so I can share with friends/family!
  11. Do something fun with the kids. Nope. I suck. Mya's never home being the social butterfly that she is, and we all have so much on the go right now I didn't plan anything, so nothing happened. However, I am planning a day to go out with the kids next week when it's not 40c or thunderstorming. LOL!!

7/11 accomplished, 1/11 almost accomplished and 2 not done at all. Meh, not bad at all really, and I know what needs to take priority next week! New goal list will be posted tomorrow, I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!