Stressed out & Sleep deprived...
7 Days...

What a day!!


Some days come out of nowhere and totally side swipe you I find! Today was one of those days for us...

I woke up and started to pack up my sewing desk... *sigh*

Good-bye my love... see you in a few weeks!!


All my jars of hardware wrapped in cotton batting & essex linen. Only the very best for my jars... haha!!

Moving onwards... getting rid of furniture!!

We leave on the 9th. We'll have to leave the house at 6am to make our train. The movers will show up on either the 7th or the 8th.

Which means we are down to crunch time and I had to get rid of the following furniture:

  • 2 daybeds and 1 trundle bed
  • 1 mattress
  • 3 desks
  • 2 coffee tables
  • 1 cupboard
  • 2 dressers
  • 1 nightstand

I called a guy today on Kijiji who will come and pick up your furniture and "junk" and was quoted $200-$250. Ugh! Really did not want to pay that much as everything I've listed is in great shape! The coffee table needs tightening on some screws, but other than that everything above is good to go and definitely not junk! Soo... paying someone to take perfectly good furniture and dump it would suck.

I figured I'd list a few items on Kijiji first and see if I could give them away to save myself some money and make some people happy!

It totally worked! I gave away one daybed frame to a girl who really needed a bed as hers had just broke. I gave away a coffee table to someone out of town who came in to get it, and this guy is my favourite... he showed up for a daybed and we started chatting about us heading out east etc.. and I found out he flips houses, does roofing, and refinishes furniture. He took a daybed, the trundle bed, the round coffee table with a glass top and stools today (which is absolutely loved and said it may end up in his house!) and he's coming back tomorrow afternoon for everything else! He's going to bring a guy with him and clear us out! He was so grateful for our furniture and I'm grateful that he's taking it all which in turn saves us money and will make him money! It's an absolutely win/win situation!

We need to keep one mattress out (that we're not shipping) and our couch & loveseat till the last minute as we may be sleeping on them for a night or two. Then they'll have to be hauled to the curb before we leave I guess!

At least I can cross all of this off of my list now!

About being side-swiped, the above isn't it.

This is it...

Child #2 needs surgery and is seeing a top specialist in Toronto. We were told surgery wasn't going to be until spring so we had kind of figured we'd see about transferring to a surgeon in Nova Scotia if we had to. Well... we received a phone call this morning and there was a cancellation date, so surgery has been bumped up to August 22nd. If we wanted the date.

We took it.

So... 9 days after we arrive in Cape Breton Dh and child #2 are flying back to TO for 5 days. This put another hefty (and very unexpected) dent into our savings. Today I spent my morning booking flights, finding a hotel and booking a pre-op appointment with our dr before we leave.

I'm feeling much calmer now than I was this morning let me tell you. 6 hours ago I was pretty sure that I was going to lose my mind. Thank God I have an amazing friend who I was able to unload on who totally helped talk me off the ledge... lol!

Tonight I need to pack up the rest of my sewing stuff, my machine and most of my desk has been completely packed. I need to pack up my fabric and a few other odds & ends then I'm done my own sewing stuff anyways. I also need to pare down my clothing to even less than what I have out. Just whatever will fit in my carry on bag (Thank-you J!!!) and a couple extra outfits for when we arrive in Cape Breton to last until our truck arrives. Thankfully we have a wash & dryer and can do laundry whenever. EVEN DURING THE DAYLIGHT HOURS!! Are all my Ontario friends jealous!? I thought so... LOL!!!

Tomorrow I need to finish packing up the girls room and clearing off their desks to be hauled away. I need Dh to clear out his dresser and nightstand. Let me see... I don't even know what I'm doing at this point and time to be perfectly honest. Days are all blurred together and I'm not sleeping nearly enough. If things keep going the way they are I may sleep right through to Cape Breton on the train... haha!!

I need to run out to Canada Post and pick up a few groceries probably as well.

I can only think 24 hours ahead right now, so that's my plan for the next 24 hours. Anything else I'll take as it comes... like today.

Now I need to look at my bank account, try not to stress and have faith that everything will work out.

Because, "I got this!".

Thanks for peeking in!! Enjoy your day!