Making money, spending money...
Some days are hard...

W.I.P Wednesday...


There is so much going on here that's "in progress" in relating to our upcoming move, but not a lot of sewing projects "in progress" for my "Work in Progress" Wednesday post!

I did complete this ruffled wristlet today which is a custom order. I'm finding that my sewing projects right now are taking me at least twice as long as they normally would as there's just so much that needs done and my time is very limited at the present time. I find that frustrating, but I figure it is what it is.

I've officially closed my customs until September 1st which gives us 3 weeks to 'get settled' after our move, which should *hopefully* be enough time. I've never moved across the country before, so usually we move and because I hate to "live out of boxes" and honestly refuse to, usually we have the entire house set up in a mere matter of days. However, this time we are starting out with very little. We won't have any furniture, we'll have to wait for our truck shipment of what we are bringing (beds, clothing, tv, kids stuff, my sewing desk & stuff, etc...) It's definitely going to be a fresh start for us and we'll need to purchase a lot of new items.

Anyways, I'm off track... here's what's left on my sewing list before I pack up:

  • On the Go wristlet
  • Perfect Essential Oil Pouch x2
  • Pull fabrics for another Perfect Essential Oil Pouch
  • NCW - Necessary Clutch Wallet in a gorgeous teal cork
  • Cork Slimline Wallet & matching Perfect Essential Oil Pouch

And that's it! Once this stuff is finished and onto its new owners, I'm done until we're in the new house and I'm set up once again! I'm going to leave out a pouch of my hand stitching I think though and work on that when I get the itch (or free time) to work on my sewing. I figure English Paper Piecing is the perfect on the go sewing projects, so that'll be my sanity saver till I can sew again!

My plan is to have absolutely everything crossed off of my sewing list by next Friday night. Which will give me 2 1/2 weeks to get everything 100% done around the house. Eek! We need to have the entire house packed from top to bottom by the 6th of August as the movers are either picking up on the 7th or the 8th.

Ok... I can feel the stress creeping up my neck & shoulders again.... *deep breath* I can do this... I can do this... I got this! I'll just continue to repeat until I believe it... lol!

I'm off for the night... I have any busy day tomorrow and have to be up at the crack of dawn again. I should probably try to get some sleep tonight. I shall return tomorrow!

Have a wonderful evening!