What a day!!
Saved myself $250.00

7 Days...


We're in the home stretch now... just 7 full days left in London until we leave for Cape Breton. And I'm feeling it! Things are busy but I'm seeing lots of progress.

Today I packed up the rest of my clothes leaving out "just enough" for the week which will be worn & washed for the next couple of weeks as we could be without our stuff for 10 business days after we arrive as well. Everyone thinks I'm insane but I'm leaving out my heavy Roots onesie just in case temps drop. Hey!! It gets cooler in Nova Scotia than it does here and my onesie is warm & comfy! LOL!! So it's coming with me!

We ran out today to get odds & ends for the train, card games, travel bottles, toothbrushes, floss, hand wipes & sanitizer, so on and so forth. I'm glad to have that off my list now too! We still need to buy gel ice packs but can't find any around here for some reason so we may have to go farther to find some I guess. We'll be packing a cooler bag filled with food & snacks for the trip. When we get on the ocean train there is a dining car which Dh, Maria & Mya will be able to eat on the dining car, but child #2 & I won't be able to due to our food allergies.

On another note, the guy from Kijiji never showed up this afternoon for the rest of our furniture (goes to show what a great judge of character I am! Haha!) so I relisted it on Kijiji and once again things are moving! Tonight I managed to get rid of our 2 large dressers and the big desk in child #2's bedroom. Tomorrow at 10am someone is coming to pick up the girls desks as well. Which means I'll have my fabric cupboard left and a night table to give away. It should move quickly I think!

Tomorrow my goal is to pack up the rest of the girls bedroom leaving out only a few toys, electronics (that will be packed on the 6th) along with just enough clothes needed for the next week. Mya will need more than everyone else 'cause she's 10 and lives outside morning till night.

We packed up the basement tonight so that's mostly done now as well. Boxes and whatnot still need carried upstairs, so we'll have to do that very soon. Maybe if the stars align in the sky just right Dh will help with that, but likely it'll be child #2 & I who haul everything upstairs.

Honestly I'm so very exhausted. It's been a long haul and I've done most of this move on my own while keeping my business going right until the very end to continue earning an income, watching the budget, taking care of finding us a home, calling to cancel services, calling places to set up services, calling places to change our address, taking care of making appointments for everyone, going to appointments, running out to take care of errands, taking care of the kids, and making sure everything runs smoothly for us. Most nights I'm until 2am, then up again at 6am, or 7am or so if I'm lucky!!

We still need to take apart the bakers racks and dissemble the dining room table. That'll be done on the 6th as we'll be using everything until the very last minute!

Other than this, I *think* we've done a LOT and most of my list has been accomplished. Well on that note I'm off to bed... my list for the day is done and I desperately need sleep.

Lovely sleep awaits...