4 (well almost 3) days.
I'm still here...

72 hours...

Good morning! I'm up and my attitude is much better today! I have chosen to see the good, look at the new possibilities and am trying not to focus on what we're losing or 'leaving behind'.
In 72 hours we'll be sitting on the train on our way to Toronto. Our Ocean train has 3 legs... London to Toronto, Toronto to Montreal, then in Montreal we'll jump on the Ocean train (cannot wait!!) and then onwards to Cape Breton!
This is what I have for my carry-on... my new and uber awesome full of pockets "Lug" bag. This is awesome, and I love all the pockets and compartments! I love that it can be a cross-body bag with the simple addition of the strap as well! It isn't full yet, today we need to fill and sort everyone's carry on bags. The movers could arrive anytime tomorrow or the 7th, much to my husbands chagrin we really don't know when they'll show up, but it is what it is.
My little Danbo will be hanging out on the train with me for photo ops! He's quite excited... *wink* I do need to find new batteries so his little eyes will light up on the train though... hoping I can find some when I take out Dallas on Monday! We're going out for a bit of time together before we leave. I'm going to miss him so freaking much. *sigh*


After our last stop on the train we still have a trek to get to our new destination. Approximately 3 1/2 hours to reach our new home! It's going to be a very long, but exciting 2 days! I can't imagine living just a mere 10 minute walk to the ocean, but we will be!



Today I need to get absolutely EVERYTHING done... everything packed, all carry ons and checked suitcases packed, no loose ends, nothing that doesn't have a home in a box or a bag or a suitcase. So with that I'm going to get my day started!

Have a wonderful day!!