An Ocean walk kind of day...
Good Morning!

Cape Breton is very *GREEN*

Literally and figuratively.

Arriving in Cape Breton from London, Ontario was a big change in many, many ways, garbage & recycling being one of them.

Here you sort your 'trash' by 5 categories:

  1. Paper - self explanatory *except gift wrapping supplies, those are trash.
  2. Plastic/cans/jars
  3. Water bottles/juice boxes/milk cartons *these can be returned for $.05/each.
  4. Food waste/napkins/paper towels go in a huge green compost bin. We purchased small compost bags to tuck under our sink and fill in the kitchen. Then when they fill, we bring the bag outside so we're not in and out to the bin a gazillion times a day, especially in the winter!
  5. Garbage - Anything that doesn't fit into the 4 categories above.





The first few days were a total mess, we had no idea what we were doing. Now I think I have it down pat. One of the first things we did was to purchase bins from the dollar store with Sharpies to label them to make it easier on everyone. We tucked them under the sink to make them easy to use.

Blue bags are how you must put out your recycling here, so we bought a big box and have a feeling we'll be needing more soon as with this move, we've had bags and bags and bags of cardboard to recycle. Dh has to cut up all the cardboard into small enough pieces to bag, which takes time and fills bags quickly! So far it's just been from new furniture but when our moving boxes arrive... it'll be brutal.

Then we have a bag of white kitchen bags, which you're allowed one per week. Or a green garbage bag, but we generally don't use those much.

We keep the recycling bags in the basement under the stairs (I will give a house tour after it's all unpacked & set up! Truck arrives on Thursday!! It's about time! By the time the truck arrives it will have been 17 (or is it 18?) days since they picked up our items. Weekends don't count apparently...

Anyway, I thought this was all insane at first, but now it really is awesome and I don't know why London doesn't do it the same way. I did notice here that when you buy water, you're pretty much paying double the price tag as there are fee's for buying water. We don't usually buy water but Dh hasn't adjusted well to the water here (It took me almost a week to adjust as well) but he's being more stubborn so it's going to take him longer to adapt unfortunately.

One thing here which I thought was kind of odd, we haven't seen even one squirrel as of yet. I thought those were everywhere... apparently not. We are abundant in Seagulls and BIG ravens/crows around here and the they get into your trash! I'm thinking that's why perhaps people put their trash bag on top of the composting bin? Little buggers... lol! In London it was skunks or racoons which would get into your trash, here not so much! It's a huge ravens hanging around everywhere! I feel like I'm in a Disney movie... haha!

Well on that note I'm off to bed. Dh and child #2 are in TO for the week which means I get to sleep on a real mattress all by myself this week! I certainly will not be taking that for granted!

Sweet dreams for me tonight I hope... I'll check in again tomorrow! Hope everyone had a fabulous day!


What trash/recycling system does your city/town use?

Do you love it or hate it?