I'm still here...
An Ocean walk kind of day...

Furniture building & organic meat...

Dh & child #2 are gone in a couple of days so I'm trying to put together as much furniture as possible before they leave. So today we tackled the girls beds... they're beautiful & simple beds and I'm quite happy with them! We ended up having our neighbor chop up the ladder and gaurd rails to use as extra planks on the bed as they didn't have a lot of support, especially not for Maria who does not weigh 50lbs like Mya.


I have a little night table in my cart at IKEA that I'm going to order to tuck in between the two beds for books and to hold a little reading lamp as well. The double dresser they had in their last bedroom definitely won't fit, so I'm iffy as to what I'm going to do. We have a cube shelf on the way which I think should tuck into their closet. There are also 2 hanging bars in their closed with a shelf, so I'm wondering/hoping that perhaps we'll be able to fit all their clothes in the closet combined and do without a dresser. I'm really not sure though and I'm going to have to wait until the truck arrives and I can see what works and what doesn't.

Cute little thing isn't it? It's in my dwindling budget and will work for the girls, so I just need to find a cute little reading lamp and that'll be a good start for them!

On another note, I'm so happy to have found a local farmer who has grass fed, organic beef, chicken & pork! Thyme for Ewe Farm is my new meat source and they are delicious! I purchased a few items last weekend at the market to try and received my first larger order today of fresh beef and pork! I split up the steaks and the ground beef into smaller pkgs and have a nice little stash of delicious organic meat in my freezer! I'm a happy camper!! But I'll be even happier next month when they get in bacon! Yum! I haven't found any organic bacon yet, so I'm kinda missing that and am hesitant to try store stuff.



Tonight I actually had the energy to make a nice dinner for dh and kids too! Roasted chicken with baby potatoes, corn & gravy. They all cleaned their plates so it was a nice, warm & filling meal for them! Up until today I've been making "easy" meals but I'm trying to start with my menu planning and sticking to a budget. Ideally I'm going to make a list of meals they can all eat together, which will make my life easier. Maria doesn't eat beef, so there has to be a variety some nights, but I know that meal planning is going to be a huge help!

Next week it's just the girls & I, so I'll see what they're interested in having. I can't make a lot of meals that they've been asking for (spaghetti, etc..) until the truck arrives with all of our kitchen stuff. I have a very small supply of pots, pans and baking sheets so as I'm planning meals I need to think to myself, "do I have enough cookware to actually make this?". It's an interesting process to be sure... lol!

Well I should run, I have to throw on a load of laundry, tidy up a bit before bed and say a prayer that the truck arrives sooner than later, or at least before I lose my mind! LOL!!

Have a great night & thanks for reading!