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July 2017

72 hours...

Good morning! I'm up and my attitude is much better today! I have chosen to see the good, look at the new possibilities and am trying not to focus on what we're losing or 'leaving behind'.
In 72 hours we'll be sitting on the train on our way to Toronto. Our Ocean train has 3 legs... London to Toronto, Toronto to Montreal, then in Montreal we'll jump on the Ocean train (cannot wait!!) and then onwards to Cape Breton!
This is what I have for my carry-on... my new and uber awesome full of pockets "Lug" bag. This is awesome, and I love all the pockets and compartments! I love that it can be a cross-body bag with the simple addition of the strap as well! It isn't full yet, today we need to fill and sort everyone's carry on bags. The movers could arrive anytime tomorrow or the 7th, much to my husbands chagrin we really don't know when they'll show up, but it is what it is.
My little Danbo will be hanging out on the train with me for photo ops! He's quite excited... *wink* I do need to find new batteries so his little eyes will light up on the train though... hoping I can find some when I take out Dallas on Monday! We're going out for a bit of time together before we leave. I'm going to miss him so freaking much. *sigh*


After our last stop on the train we still have a trek to get to our new destination. Approximately 3 1/2 hours to reach our new home! It's going to be a very long, but exciting 2 days! I can't imagine living just a mere 10 minute walk to the ocean, but we will be!



Today I need to get absolutely EVERYTHING done... everything packed, all carry ons and checked suitcases packed, no loose ends, nothing that doesn't have a home in a box or a bag or a suitcase. So with that I'm going to get my day started!

Have a wonderful day!!

4 (well almost 3) days.


I look tired. No I don't... I look exhausted. Which I am. Besides exhausted I'm terrified, I'm sad, I'm nervous, I'm already missing my people and we're not even gone yet. My anxiety is through the roof right now and I'm absolutely "over-stressing" about all the "what ifs" in life. I need to chill out, but it's easier said than done.

Today was busy, and exhausting and every single day until we leave is promising to be the same. Long days, short nights. Emotions are on high. I wish I was a better "pretender" and could just put a smile on my face, get a chipper attitude and pretend I was Mary Poppins. I am usually very optimistic but this move has proven to be a lot for me emotionally, physically and definitely financially. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the absolute last day that we must have everything packed up that we're not bringing with us on the train. The movers will either pick up on the 7th or the 8th, but I have no clue as to what day or when. Frustrating. So tomorrow I'll be packing and combing through each and every room to make sure we haven't missed anything. We need to do a mock pack up of our suitcases and weigh them to be sure that we don't exceed the 50lb check baggage limit. We need to check all of our carry on bags to be sure they don't weigh too much as well.

I am excited to arrive to our new home as it's sooo very cute and seems to be in such a beautiful area of town. I love the style of the home, it's so warm and charming. I don't love modern homes as they look so "cold" to me. (No offense to any modern fans out there!) So this house is very "me", by the photos & videos we've seen, I just know I'm going to love it! I'm excited to walk to the ocean and I've been told the beaches there are incredible. I'm excited for a fresh, new start for us. There are just one thing which hasn't fallen into place just quite yet, but I'm holding out hope that it will very soon.

Here's a little peek at the kitchen! Sooo cute! I'm in love with the colour of the cupboards so much! Along with that sweet pea who belongs to my East coast bestie! She gave us a few tours around the house as well and is just a little ham! I can't wait to meet her!!



I met my "cat lady" today, the woman who will be bring our "queen" to Cape Breton for us and she put all my fears to rest and this absolutely shocked us, but my cat took right to her! She was petting her the entire time she was here, and then my cat actually gave her kisses!! All my kids were like NO WAY!!! I am now convinced that she is the cat whisperer. LoL! Last night I asked her "If my cat hisses at you or is bitchy will you still take her?" And she absolutely would thankfully, but I was not expecting what happened today. My cat hardly takes to anyone! She is not generally a cuddly people cat, she's more of a "you can pet me now for 10 minutes, but then leave me alone!" type of cat.

Well it's already 10:40pm and I still need to get more packing in tonight, I want to bake cookies (don't worry, they're Pillsbury from a tube... lol!) and I have to get some housework done as well before bed. So I'm off...

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks for reading!!



What I'm reading!

I have had five links open in my browser, literally all week. I'm going to sit and week this afternoon when I have my (2nd) coffee of the day...

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What good articles have you found this week? Please share in the comment section! :)

Another busy day and I'm out of here in 30 minutes so I need to wake the kids and get ready! Have a fabulous day!!

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