7 Days...
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Saved myself $250.00


In the last 72 hours i've posted all of our furniture on Kijiji in the *FREE* album, and thankfully now it's ALL gone! Well, except one little night table this morning which I dragged to the curb, but I'm assuming it'll be gone tonight!

I was quoted $250.00 to get everything out of here by "removalists". Instead I snapped quick pics on my iPod and listed on Kijiji free for the taking. I wasn't in in the mood to haggle and things move much slower when you're asking $$ on Kijiji. And people stand you up all the time as well.

I told people first come, first serve and I won't hold for long. Everyone showed up on time, were polite and were thankful for what they picked up!

That's something else crossed off my list and I saved myself $250.00 which is a good thing cause I just dropped $1600.00 on flights & a hotel for child #2's surgery. Money is flowing out of my savings account like mad... it's painful.

On that note, I need to scrounge something up for dinner... it's slim pickins around here. Meals have been quite creative to say the least... lol!

Well have a great day! Back to packing for me!