I feel like I'm neglecting my little blog here...
The days are long...

Finally Friday...


It's finally Friday! It's been a long and busy week, again. Today I sewed, cut the grass with our manual mower (that's a good workout I have to say!) ran out for a few things this morning after I took Mya to school, she's loving it btw, definitely in her element! I'm utterly exhausted after this week and am pledging to take the ENTIRE weekend off from "must do sewing/projects" and am just going to do whatever I please!

Tonight however I need to whip up a gift for Mya's friend, as tomorrow she has a birthday party to attend! I'll be going to as it's my east coast bestie and I'm going to help her with all the party prep etc...

I still have a handful of things left on my "to do" list for the day that need accomplished tonight.

  • Sweep main floor & stairs
  • Scrub lower bathroom
  • Scrub upper bathroom
  • Make birthday gift
  • Edit oil pouch photos (30)
  • Bake myself something to snack on
  • Sort folded clothes and put away
  • Read with Mya

Tomorrow morning I have my *Mini* EO pouch flash sale on Facebook that i've been slaving on all week! I'm so happy that I managed to get my goal of 30 pouches sewn for tomorrow along with keeping up with my custom orders this week! *faint* I'm really hoping that it goes well and I sell out! That probably won't happen, but how amazing would that be!!??



Sunday I'll be pkg'ing up all the sold pouches and mailing on Monday before I do my groceries!

Right now I'm relaxing for a few minutes, having a coffee & just finished reading "The Magnolia Story"... I loved it! It's a quick & easy read & inspiring. I love the show so I was expecting to enjoy the book and I really did. It made me laugh so many times throughout and I could relate with Joanna on so many levels. Chip & Joanna are very "real" and I think that's what I loved most about this book, they don't put on any airs and don't pretend to be something they're not. That really appeals to me... anyways, I recommend it!



Well Dh & the kids are eating dinner now, so I'm going to go finish my chores for the day so I can rest & relax tonight, and maybe even watch an episode of "The Crown". Let's hope I'm able to have a calm weekend, at least a little bit, I desperately need some *me* time!

Thanks for peeking in, have a great evening!


Do you have any fun plans for tonight or over the weekend?