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National Z E R O Waste Week!

Five Things Friday!


It's time for "Five Things Friday"! I'm feeling pretty scattered right now so it's a perfect post for today!

  1. Mya is now in public school and quite enjoying it so far! It's only 2 days in, but she's made a bunch of new friends and is really happy, which makes me happy in turn! She had gym class today which I think is going to be her favourite class! I am having to run back & forth, back & forth, back & forth all day however which is not working well for me with Maria still at home and my needing to work during the day as well. So I think I'm going to have her stay at school for lunch so I can accomplish what I need to during the day. She let me know in no uncertain times that she *really* wants to stay for lunch anyways, so I'm trying not to feel too guilty on this point.
  2. We are getting closer & closer to having the house set up every day. Dh has a few days off so I've been putting him to work with all the things I can't accomplish alone. I was hoping that his new leather recliner we ordered would be delivered today, but no go. It's 2 days late now so with any luck it arrives tomorrow and we can get the living room organized and set up! We're still waiting for the coffee tables that I ordered to arrive, and keep meaning to call to see if they have an estimated date as it's been a full month now and they still haven't arrived. *sigh* I can't wait until the house is clean and organized top to bottom... slowly but surely we're getting there at least!
  3. Dh hasn't been paid from his job yet... next week marks 3 full weeks that he's been at his new job and is definitely supposed to get paid next Thursday. THANK goodness! Things are tight! I'm trying to keep our grocery budget low and not spend on anything unnecessarily in order to keep our slush fund at a somewhat respectable level, I hate having to continually pull from savings week to week. I'm hoping to be on a full on budget come October. All of Mya's back to school items have been purchased, all of our furniture and needed household items have been purchased, and I'm soo ready to stop hemorrhaging money. It's quite painful.
  4. Why do people think nothing of wasting other people's time? Is it because I work from home? Because I "just" sew? Do people think I have hours and hours to spend pulling numerous fabric pulls and sending photo after photo, only to be ignored when it's time to pay for their order? Questions are absolutely welcome! I'm happy to answer questions, chit chat for a few minutes etc.. however, I think it's just so disrespectful to waste hours and hours of someone's time! I would never dream of wasting hours/days of someone's time on an order only to disappear when it's time to pay! I just don't get it... When someone has paid for their custom and they take a while to pull together, that doesn't bother me at all as I know we'll get it sooner or later! But to just not even bother after hours wasted, or even politely say "sorry for wasting your time", ugh!
  5. Podcasts: Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which are your faves and what are they about? I think podcasts would be good to listen to while I sew so I'd love to find a few favourites! Tell me which podcasts you can't live without!

And that's it from me today! I'm hoping to whip up some chapstick holders tonight and need to bake something or other so I have something to snack on... enjoy your evening!