September Goals...
My first time "Back to School" shopping...

I need more hours in my day...


I can't wait to simply be "caught up" with everything... my list "runneth over" and there's honestly not enough hours in the day to get everything that needs done, accomplished during my waking hours.

This move has been tough, some days I miss "home", other days I don't. Today I miss it.. not so much London at all, but I'm missing family & friends. Every day is a struggle lately to get things done and doubts endlessly fill my mind. I'm always wondering if I just made a huge mistake... but there's no going back in time is there? The thing is it's beautiful & peaceful here, exactly what we wanted, and i'm not miserable, it's just hard.

I know I'm not going to get my complete list crossed off today, but I guess I need to at least try. I think tomorrow I'm going to leave open and free... just to do whatever I want to do for the first time in months.

But today, my list looks like this:

  • Balance budget - I'm already over... *sigh* Not a good sign for what's to come this month.
  • Scrub bathroom #1
  • Scrub bathroom #2
  • Make 2 tea wallets
  • Make 2 oil pouches
  • Canada Post run *will probably have to wait till Monday cause chances are slim that I'm going to get both of the orders above done today...
  • Continue tidying and organizing sewing room
  • Set up bookshelf #1
  • Figure out how to pay my NS Power bill - for some reason my payment was bounced back, it said my financial institution returned it. What does that even mean?? And yes, we have money to pay it. LoL!
  • Help girls organize & tidy their bedroom.
  • Bake something for me, so I have something to snack on.
  • Laundry x2 loads. One to hang outside (pray for no rain!) and one to dry.
  • Read 30 minutes. In peace.
  • Continue clearing living room & dining room area.
  • Relist boxspring on Kijiji, etc... may just list it for free as I want it GONE at this point.
  • Organize freezer for organic, free range beef & chicken order that's being delivered this afternoon!
  • Clear hallway upstairs. There are a few boxes sitting in the hallway that need to be emptied so the boxes can go out!

And so far that's it... lol! On that note I'm off to see how many of these items I can actually cross off my list... will update later, wish me luck!