Just another manic Monday...
You know every single day...

It's a good day...

Today has been a good day overall...
Dh got home and set up his new leather recliner and put it to the side of the living room. He walked Mya to school to give me a little break so I could get to work early. I made him breakfast and sent him off to bed as he works again tonight. After we was upstairs, I moved the chair. Hahaha! It'll be a little surprise for him when he wakes up... *wink*
He's welcome to move it back, but I hate where he put it, it makes the room look so unbalanced and sends my Type A personality into overdrive.
I was able to complete a full custom order before noon today which I'm quite happy about! Two custom ordered pencil pouches and two custom ordered oil pouches! I'll pkg these up tonight and mail in the next couple of days depending on the weather!





More back & forth today again and my afternoon was spent making phone calls and taking care of emails, pms, etc...

Now I'm sitting at the table helping Mya with her homework. In 15 minutes it's going on a full hour and she still has to complete a full search-a-word puzzle. *sigh* Mya is not a fast writer which is probably why she has so much homework tonight... with any luck she'll pick up the pace and her work load will be lighter at home because I have a feeling it's going to be an hour and a half of homework by the time she's done which is a bit much for a 10 year old I think.

Dinner tonight is going to be easy because I'm tired & sore - frozen pizza for Dh & kids. I have no idea what I'm having as of yet, but I still have a killer headache from bashing my head in yesterday and it's super tender, so I'll probably have something fairly easy as well.

I have a load of laundry waiting to be folded and another load waiting to be hung up. It won't be going outside with the torrential rains we've been getting however, so this load will be hung in the basement on our drying rack. Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice day with sunshine, so I can't wait for that! Overall since we've moved the weather has been absolutely fabulous, so I really can't complain about a couple days of rain!

Well on that note I'm going to go flip my laundry so it's done for the day, tidy up the house a bit and grab a snack!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day!


How is this month going for everyone?

Any new changes/adjustments in your life?