National Z E R O Waste Week!
It's a good day...

Just another manic Monday...

It's going to take me a while to get used to this new routine with Mya being in school now... I'm hoping by the end of the week my body has adjusted and I can find my 'flow', but right now, not so easy.

6:00 am - first alarm goes off

  • Open my eyes and sob a little bit 'cause my blankets are warm and don't want me to leave them
  • Dig in dark & crowded closet and through boxes piled on top of each for warm clothing
  • Shower & dress
  • Tidy bathroom
  • Make hot coffee
  • Open curtains for daylight - no such luck
  • Check emails/pms
  • Delete as many emails as possible
  • Feed & water the cat
  • Cut cork for a custom order

7:00 am - 2nd alarm

  • Wake Mya
  • Make Mya's breakfast
  • Do Mya's hair
  • Pack Mya's bag (papers, snacks, water bottle, etc...)
  • Tidy kitchen
  • Finish cold coffee
  • Find cat puke on my *BRAND NEW AREA RUG*
  • Clean and scrub brand new rug *sigh* The *ENTIRE* house is hardwood top to bottom and she hits my new rug...
  • Look up phone number for BOGS *We need to exchange 2 pairs of boots

8:05 am - 3rd alarm

  • Look out the window to see torrential rains & crazy strong winds and figure out how we'll stay dry during our walk to school
  • Grab backpack, windbreakers & umbrellas, head out the door to walk Mya to school
  • Mail a stack of envelopes

8:25 am

  • Back home again cold & wet to make breakfast for Ed (he already ate)
  • Get Maria to put away dishes
  • Load dishwasher
  • Eat the last of our $16 grapes Dh purchased *faint*
  • Go over flyer for sale items, make menu plan & grocery list
  • Ask Maria to do recycling & compost while I'm out shopping
  • Check bank account to see how much money we don't have for our pretend September budget
  • Wake up child #2 to get ready to grocery shop
  • Decide to purchase a pair of rubber boots while I'm out shopping

9:00 am

  • Head out the door to grocery shop & grab items for around the house (aka: coat hangers so I can finish my room and the girls bedroom!)
  • Boots are a no. The only boots that may fit are camo. Definitely not my thing. I'll have wet feet instead.
  • $220 later...

11:25 am

  • Return home & put away groceries
  • Dh's new leather recliner will be arriving today (it did) and it won't be *exactly* where he wants it in the living room as I purchased a sectional and it takes up too much of the living room.
  • Have a fight with Dh about his stupid chair that I now feel like throwing in the garbage at this point
  • Offer to put said chair in the basement with the Tv so he can arrange it any way he likes - he declines. I don't care where anything goes so I give up. As long as I have somewhere to sit and read & have my coffee when it's too cold to read outside, I'll be happy.

11:35 am - 4th alarm

  • Throw on wet coat & wet shoes and head out the door to pick up Mya for lunch from school.

12:00 noon

  • Home with Mya and maker her lunch consisting of a turkey, tomato & mozzarella sandwich with a carrot muffin
  • Clean up kitchen again

12:25 pm - 5th alarm

  • Time to head back to school again
  • Decide to wear my Blundstones boots back so I don't ruin my new'ish Adidas shoes. I start digging around in the closet to find the, grab them, go to stand up and promptly & strongly bash in my head giving myself a goose egg/bruise/concussion. I feel dizzy, sick to my stomach and my head is absolutely throbbing.
  • Put ice on my head for a few minutes while I lie in the hallway.
  • Decide my 4 minutes of self pity are over, throw on my boots and off we go back to school.
  • We're late. Bell rings as we're down the street. Close enough.

12:50 pm

  • Home again to nurse my throbbing head.
  • Call BOGS to arrange exchange of boots.
  • Call NS Power to make sure they received my first bill payment *My bank didn't allow my first payment to go through for some reason (?). He was quite chatty so this phone call took me a little longer than expected, but, better to be chatty and polite than rude & curt!
  • Have another coffee in hopes of helping my throbbing head - it doesn't help.
  • Child #2 makes me pancakes & poached eggs for "breakfast"
  • Eat hot & yummy breakfast, chat with a couple friends online while I eat.
  • Upstairs to work on the girls bedroom now that I purchased almost 100 coat hangers
  • Open mail (fabric pkgs)

2:10 pm - 6th alarm

  • Throw on boots and still wet coat, run back to grab Mya from school
  • She had a good day - played the flute and enjoys french class

2:30 pm onwards...

  • Home once again
  • Head straight to mini barn (shed) to dig out BOGS boxes to send boots back
  • Help Mya with math homework. Snap a pic of the cat watching Mya do her homework & post on FB. I'm trying to share more pics of the kids since we're not near family anymore...
  • Fill in form to purchase Mya a recorder for school so she can practice at home. (Eek!) *note to self, find chq book so I can send a chq to school to pay for recorder as I don't know when I'll have cash on hand.
  • Fill in info to print mailing label to return BOGS boots
  • Fwd email to a friend to print label for me
  • Reply to a few PM's on my sewing page
  • Finish bedroom with the girls - entire bedroom now is clean & organized top to bottom! I do need to order a set of stacking baskets for some of Mya's clothes (socks/underwear, pjs & undershirts) but for now it's good! Mya's clothes all fit easily into the closet, Maria's are in the finished basement in her dresser. Maria showers so it works for her as the shower is down there as well. Mya bathes and the tub is upstairs. Saved me from having to buy another dresser this way as well!
  • Eat a snack and relax for a few minutes
  • Recliner arrives and I feel so bad for the delivery guy... MASSIVE box that he has to lift up the stairs alone and get it in the house for me.
  • Curse at the recliner and leave it sitting in the stupid box.
  • Start dinner. Roasted chicken, peel potatoes for mashed potatoes, open can of corn, toss in bowl in microwave & start gravy.
  • Put in Epicure order with a friend.
  • Clean up kitchen & load dishwasher.
  • Help Maria with her school work. Remember that I was supposed to purchase a math set today with protractor, etc... in it. I didn't. Skip ahead to next math lesson which doesn't need these items.
  • Snap a quick and not so great photo of my beautiful new fabric and post on IG
  • Post a funny/ironic pic of a red ballon floating I saw today at Atlantic Superstore (IT anyone?)
  • Open new throw blankets we purchased for the couch. They look great, super soft and luxurious! Mya loves them.
  • Declutter dining room table. I have a runner on there but I've decided that it has too much stuff on it.
  • Move globe to ledge between living room & sewing room.
  • Declutter ledge.
  • Make child #2 put macbook and other accumulated crap away.
  • Fold runner into thirds & put fruit bowl back, statue & coasters back on.
  • Put away dinner leftovers for Mya's lunch tomorrow and tidy kitchen.
  • Handwash pots, load more dishes into dishwasher.
  • Lament about the fact that I'm not rich and can't afford to have servants.
  • Play around with new area rug to see where it looks best in living room. Finally make a decision after moving it, and the sectional 3 times.

It's now 6:51 pm. We're getting fierce winds and strong rain. It's loud outside and quite chilly, but peaceful & quiet. You can smell the ocean... it's beautiful.

Mya is downstairs playing on the laptop while she chats with a friend from London. Maria is playing WiiU, Child #2 is upstairs organizing bedroom, Dh is sleeping for work, cat is nestled up beside me taking her 127th beauty rest of the day. I'm sitting here thinking about how much my stupid head hurts and wishing I could go to bed.

I haven't had any time to sew today at all, so the custom order that I had on my list today, will get bumped and completed tomorrow. The fabrics & interfacings are all cut at least, I just need *time* to create. In one hour I need to get Mya ready for bed so she's tucked in by 8pm!

Child #2 and I started watched "The Crown" last night on Netflix. Love it. We've only watched one episode so far, but it's right up my alley. By the time I tidy up and get the kids in bed, etc... i'm going to be far too tired to sew tonight, so I'll curl up on the couch and watch an another episode. I hope to read a few more chapters of my book too...

My 7th alarm will go off at 10:00 pm to wake Dh for work. Then my 8th alarm will go off at 10:30pm to get ready for bed. My goal is to be ready and in bed by 11pm... so far, not such a great track record, so I really need to actually move off the couch when I'm supposed to, so I can make this happen. We'll see how tonight goes...

On that note I'm off... before I leave here are a few pics of the girls bedroom. Nothing that would land me in a home & decorating magazine, but they're happy and i'm happy.





Enjoy your evening! Thanks for peeking in! :) ****