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Happy Homemaker Monday

My first time "Back to School" shopping...

Mya has decided to go to school this year. She never had much interest up until now, but right now she really wants to go to the local school to see what it's like. It's a very small school for grades 1-5, has about 110'ish kids or so in the entire school from what I understand. It's a very nice, small school and the classes are a nice small size as well.

We hit WalMart today for a list of items she'll need which included:

  • 4 pkgs of loose leaf paper
  • Box of tissues
  • 3 erasers
  • Pencil crayons
  • Crayons
  • 15 duo-tangs *we shopped late so she's stuck with all blue
  • 30 high quality pencils (HB)
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • 3 Glue stickers
  • 2 Dry erase markers *I totally thought they still used chalk & chalkboards! LoL!
  • A pencil sharpener
  • She *really* wanted a chapstick and we found an EOS lip balm in strawberry that she loves, which was obviously not on the list.
  • I also grabbed her snacks for recess for the first week, her choice, granola bars & goldfish. And a little pkg of stickers to label some of her items for now...

All of this came up to right about $50.00... ouch!



Yesterday we shopped at Carter's for her new fall & winter wardrobe. We ended up purchasing 7 pairs of pants (3 leggings and 4 pairs of track pants) along with 5 shirts/tunics & an adorable swirly denim skirt which she layers over leggings along with her tutus. She desperately needed new pants this year as 90% of her current pants are "floods" which works for spring & summer, not so great for fall & winter however. These items came to just under $125.00.

We didn't buy any sweaters this year as she has a handful of nice ones from Gymboree that I bought for her last year and still fit well thankfully!


Apparently she needs "indoor shoes" as well! Now that we are living in a *minuscule* town, there are absoluely no shoe stores, (WM doesn't count) so I found these online at SoftMoc for her. She loves Skechers shoes and we know the fit will be perfect, and if not they do free returns. She chose these as "they'll look good with my clothes and are really pretty". I didn't buy new shoes for to/from school as she can wear what she has and she's asked for a new pair of fall boots, so she's willing to make do with her Skechers she has now in order to get new pretty fall boots when they're out. Sacrifices... *wink* I ended up choose express shipping in hopes of getting them on time for the first day of school here on Thursday, 7th. These were $52.00 after all was said & done.
Then I was told we need to label absolutely EVERYTHING, so a friend sent me a link to labels and I went ahead and purchased 70 cute labels so I can label absolutely everything in her belonging that can be "set down or taken off" as per my friends advice. I ordered labels with her first & last name even though I'm 99.9% sure there will not be another kid in the school with our surname... lol! These were on sale so came to just under $20.00 with shipping.

The tally for Mya's "Back to School" shopping rang up to just under $250.00. She already has a backpack that I had purchased for our train trip out here which I purchased on Amazon. She has only used for a total of 2 days on the train, so it's obviously in excellent condition and she loves it, so we're set there.

We're about a 5-10 minute walk to the school so she'll be coming home for lunch until the weather gets too cold so I didn't bother with a lunchbox or anything just yet. I'll figure that out when the time comes...

Mya is quite excited for her first day. I'm hoping it goes well for her! I still need to get to the school this week & register her, so that's on my list as well! Anyway, I'll update soon to let everyone how it's going!

On that note I'm off for the night! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Are you ready for "Back to School"?

What do you average for 'costs' for needed items & how many kids are you buying for?