Five Things Friday!
Just another manic Monday...

National Z E R O Waste Week!

Today I want to share a bit about a friend's business I'm really impressed with, MadMatters. They sell these adorable HugRugs which recycle tshirts instead of letting them fill up our landfills! Amazing right!?

Read the story behind them then check out this interesting TED-ed feature!

Here is the story behind one of our favourite zero waste mats:

  • HugRug's textile mill is entirely zero waste to landfill. HR makers have been campaigning for this since 2008.
  • Since then they have recycled over 6 million t-shirts
  • The cotton tufts in HugRugs are made from 100% recycled cotton mixed with recycled microfibre.
  • HugRugs tough waffled backing is made from recycled plastic bottles and bottle tops... to date over 8.5 million of them!
  • Not only do HugRugs reroute waste from the landfill pre-use, HugRugs are also recyclable at the end of life.
  • And more importantly for you...
  • HugRugs save you lots of time and energy by keeping messes trapped at the door so that you don't need to wash your entire floor as often
  • Do better. Buy better. Feel better.
I'm kind of impartial to this sweet Calico HugRug... *wink*


And living by the ocean now, this one really catches my eye...



I'm pretty glad that I wear my tshirts to shreds now... ! I have tshirts that I've been wearing for over 10 years now that I bought on clearance for $2.00 back when we still had Zellers here! How about you? Do you buy clothing on a whim, or when it's needed?

Do you see any favourite HugRugs at MadMatters?