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September Goals...


September is finally here... to say that August has been a whirlwind would be a huge understatment.

Between moving 2200km halfway across the country, dh flying back to Ontario for surgery on one of my kids, and deciding to put Miss Mya into a very small public school (100+ kids in the entire school) for the very first time, (she *REALLY* wants to 'try & see', and no, Maria isn't going to school, absolutely *zero* interest in attending public school, more on this soon) and all the changes these three things bring with them, i'm so very ready for September.

We are still living out of boxes so to speak which drives me completely insane. And some boxes will probably stay packed (Dh's card collection, my scrapbook albums, etc...) but don't have a "home" yet, so we need to find a place for them too! Most of my clothes are still sitting in boxes as I need to figure out how I'm going to keep them in the closet neat & organized. That and most of our furniture has just arrived so at least now, we can now start putting the house together. I've started up my sewing business again, and Dh is back to work as well which takes time away from getting this house finished!

As you can see we have a lot going on right now!

Soo... my goals for September are as follows:

  1. Earn & save enough income to cover my part towards bills for the month of October. Gotta keep my sewing hustle flowing well!
  2. Complete "back to school" shopping for Mya & figure out new "routine" for her/us. I've never had to do this before so it'll be new to both of us! As for school supplies, she'll need indoor shoes and whatever is on the "supply" list I guess I'll receive. I went shopping today with my east coast bestie and Mya now has a brand new adorable wardrobe for fall & winter! Thank goodness for Carters! Mya is very tall & lean (like her momma) and Carter's clothing always fits her so well!
  3. Have the house FULLY unpacked, organized & set up. If not, I will surely lose my mind.
  4. Make & send my sister her birthday present which she told me what to make. LoL! Need to get dimensions on that again though... feel free to email me those, Sara... *wink*
  5. Make new stock to send to market booth in London, Ont. Hoping to send a small box of goods so my local peeps in London can still shop local and save shipping!
  6. Sell this HUGE QUEEN SIZED BOXSPRING sitting in my living room that doesn't fit up the stairs! I just want it gone... we ended up having to purchase a split boxspring to fit up the stairs. It was supposed to be picked up tonight, and naturally, she flaked. *sigh* Anyway, guess what Dh is putting together on his days off? Our new bed!! Yay!
  7. Send Mya's friends in London "happy mail"! I ordered some special boxes on Etsy and am waiting for those to arrive then we'll put together little pkgs to send to her friends!
  8. Read a book. An entire book, any book, from front to back. In peace.
  9. Make a donation item for a "Christmas Shoebox" auction.
  10. NO fabric shopping this month. *ahem* I have one bundle of fabric I've already ordered, so have to pay for that... but other than that, I'm cutting myself off now that I have purple fabric in my stash again!

And I think that about does it for the month! This is all on top of my daily "to do" lists, so I have more than enough to keep me going for September! Wish me luck!


Are you making any goals for September?

If so please share in the comment section!