You know every single day...
I'm almost there...

Simple Sunday...

Mya isn't feeling well and kept me up for most of the night, thankfully it just seems to be a cold, but is she ever miserable when she's sick. Not fun... lol! So, i'm running on next to no sleep so have decided to do a bunch of nothing today which so far seems to be going well! Haha! Actually I managed to finish up 5 custom ordered *Mini* EO pouches, then Maria and I went out for a couple hours.
I'm working on a bunch of these for a flash sale on these little guys on my FB page next weekend and have 20 cut so far... debating on adding a few more fun prints to my pile as well. Anything I have leftover from the sale I'll probably send to London for stock in the Merry Makers/Wooly Maple booth at the Western fair market.
Maria needed new shoes which couldn't wait until spring, as she has outgrown her Skechers and can't wear flip flops till the snow flies. I needed a few items so we went out for a walk to the Northside Mall, which in my opinion is definitely just a "plaza" and not a mall in my world. LOL! But it does the job... we managed to get everything we needed and she found these adorable shoes that she just loves 'cause they're not "boring". I am not allowed to choose her shoes... apparently I am boring. I found the sweetest pair of high tops like these but they were all in pastels with little tiny flowers that looked like Liberty fabric!! She vetoed them, "Cause these ones are better".
Her shoes were on sale for $27.00 which is perfect for the budget we're working with this week! I have to do grocery shopping tomorrow and need to come in under budget so today I'll be digging through the freezer and making a meal plan for the week and shopping for that!


I had intended on making my sisters birthday gift today but I am sooo tired and since I haven't made a tote bag in quite a while, I may leave it till next weekend so I don't mess it up. I'm ok to do something I'm used to when I'm tired as most of the time I could do what I do with my eyes closed. But for this I need to draft a new pattern/design and need to be sure my math is right so I don't make any mistakes with the fabric I have on hand for the bag as I won't be able to replace it. I think it would be wiser to wait until I have a bit more sleep before tackling it... lol!

Dinner tonight is going to be some of this and some of that as I'm too tired to make 'real food'. I did pull out a steak for Dh to have for dinner, I have leftovers in the fridge from last night and the girls will probably end up having Naan pizza's or something like that.

On my list today, my very short list:

  • One load of laundry
  • Finish reading "The Magnolia Story" *I only have a chapter left to go, so far, so good!
  • Pkg pouches above to mail out this week
  • Menu plan
  • Scan flyers & make a grocery list
  • Hang paintings at top of stairs
  • Scrub upstairs bathroom
  • Hang dream catcher in Mya's bedroom *it's soo pretty, I'll snap a photo of it to share soon!

And that's about it for today... a nice simple list that I can definitely accomplish! And on that note I'm off for now, I'm going to go work on crossing a few things off my list! I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!