New winter coat! And socks. LOL!!
Thanksgiving weekend!

5 Things Friday


It's time for "5 Things Friday", I love these posts because it's easier to string together 5 semi-coherent thoughts rather than one longer post lately! So, here we go!

  1. We've been trying to rescue a baby kitten. There are a few feral cats around our area, (well, probably 5-6) but in particular 2 cats which we are 99.9% sure are the parents of a sweet, tiny kitten! My best guess is that the kitten is maybe 2 months old? It's been hiding under our mini barn and we haven't seen it in a few days so I'm starting to worry. We've been putting out water & food for it, trying to get it back out from under our mini barn so we can take it to the vet and bring it in the house before the cold weather hits. So far, no luck and I'm feeling not so great about the outcome of this. I know the mother cat will abandon the babies (pretty sure there was only one, alive anyway) at a certain point, but I don't really know when or much else. So today we put out some oily sardines *gag* in hopes of luring it close to the edge of the barn so we can grab it. I'll keep everyone updated, but cross your fingers & say a prayer that we can rescue the little one.
  2. I won 2 tickets to see "Confidential Musical Theatre Project #5" at the Highlands Art Theatre tonight! It's been months and months since we've seen live theatre and I miss it sooo very much! Truth to be told, beside missing my friends & family back home, the other other thing I miss is the Grand Theatre. *sigh* We watch so many amazing shows at the Grand and it's left a little hole in my heart. Winning these tickets was such a surprise and something I desperately needed right now. A night out will be good for my soul and I can't wait to see what show it ends up being! I've never heard anything like this, so I think it's going to be such a cool experience! Child #2 & I going to bus to the show and cab home, which we fit into our budget this week to save my sanity.
  3. Thanksgiving is almost here! Yesterday we purchased all of our Thanksgiving foods so I can make a nice meal this weekend. We have a butterball turkey in our freezer, lots of veggies and desserts to be made. It will be our first holiday here and I'm really hoping it goes well and I don't cry all day because I'm missing everyone. How horrible would that be for everyone else? I need to keep it together, enjoy the day & count my blessings. I'm going to do some baking this weekend and we'll all hang around the house. I'm planning on playing a board game or two and hopefully just enjoying the day with my family.
  4. Our Budget. I think we'll now be able to get on track with a budget! It's been a long haul but I think we're now finally done purchasing all the larger items that we needed for the house. We've been hemorrhaging money for the last 6 months and it's been very painful. I had hoped to slightly bump up our savings this month, but with the way things are sitting, I'll be happy to simply break even truthfully. We received the GST rebate this month which promptly was spent on a metal bed frame, halloween candy (apparently we are in a fabulous neighborhood here and the kids LOVE trick or treating on our street, so I loaded up with high expectations!) along with a few other odds & ends around the house. The rest of the month will be groceries only, no "stuff" purchased I hope!
  5. Another Craft fair is on the horizon for me! This show is the "St.Andrews Fall Fair" on October 28th, from 10-2pm. It's not a long show and I'm assuming it will be on a smaller scale, so I'm going to start prepping for it mid-month. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to make yet, I have random ideas, but this weekend I'll make a "goal list" of items that I'd like to create and have ready for the show. It's in the next town over so it will give me a chance to get my name/work out a bit more around this area which I'm slowly trying to do! It would be nice to build up a local customer base! Anything left from the show will be saved for my "Christmas at the Port" 3 day craft show which I'm going to need a lot of stock for I think!

And there you have it! 5 Things Friday! On that note, my "to do" list today is a mile long so I'm going to get back to it! Thanks for peeking in, I hope you have a fabulous Friday!