Thanksgiving weekend!
The Good, The Bag and The Ugly...

Looking ahead...


This is the quote in my planner today, which I thought was quite appropriate for my life right now! Thanksgiving is now complete and I can honestly say that we had a nice day. It was very relaxed and quiet, but nice all the same. I did miss my family, and it felt weird not having them over for a meal, but I was still able to have a nice day and enjoy it, which is a good thing for me. We made a Butterball Turkey (for Dh & Maria/Mya) and a lovely organic, local chicken (for me & child #2) along with all the fixins'! Was a big, healthy delicious meal and I was thankful for happy people in my life. My grandma called me last night and we spoke on the phone for a good hour, I can see where I get my spunk/attitude from... she makes me laugh so much, and the sarcasm gene is strong in our family. Love her to bits & I miss her a lot. She made me promise that if we ended up back in Ontario we'd move by her while we were on the phone! LOL!!

Looking ahead I have a busy, but short week to squeeze it all into...

Today: Back to school for Mya. It's supposed to pour all day, and be another hot one. 28c today, can you believe it!? Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous as well! I need to check freezer inventory and drag some stuff to the upstairs freezer as I'm having 1/2 of an organic pig delivered today and will need freezer room!! After I drop Mya at school, grocery shopping, Canada Post run and running misc errands. Working on oil pouches for my flash sale next weekend. Hoping to get 10 pouches complete & ready to go! Pull fabrics for 10 more oil pouches. Beg child #2 to iron all these fabrics for me, lucky for me used books purchased on me are a great incentive in this house. Our local library has a couple shelves of used books they sell, how neat is that!? Housework needs done, mostly odds & ends that the kids left lying around the house over the weekend need put away. I need to make broth with my chicken carcass and freeze it in smaller portions to make soup. Yum!! I'm hoping to sneak in 30 minutes of reading time for myself in here somewhere as well.

Wednesday: Working on QuiltMarket prep items with Patty Sloniger's new "Flower Shop" line (you're going to love this beautiful new line!!) On my list for today, a Slimline Wallet & a Ruffled Wristlet. Dryer is being looked at as it takes forever a day for a load to dry. Not sure if something is clogged or it's just because it's an older dryer. I dried a *very small* load last night and it took a full 1 1/2 hours to dry, which seems like a long time to me and I crying when I think of my power bill. But I'm grateful we don't have Wynne at the helm here... hahaha! Wash a load of laundry to hang.



Thursday: Hoping that my fabric shipment comes in for my "Sewing Date Traveler" custom order. I needed a bigger cut of fabric for the lining (I forgot just how much fabric these big totes took!). If it comes in I hope to work on this all day! Thankfully my customer is very patient and not in a rush for this at all. So it takes off the pressure! Work on this custom during the day and then hopefully complete another 10 mini oil pouches in the evening hours. 8 hour days don't exist in my world obviously. Then everything else in my day that needs accomplished will be squeezed in as well.

Friday: Make another item or two with my "Flower Shop" fabric bundle, snap pics and box up for FedEx pick-up! If I'm insane enough and have hours left in the day, think about another handful of mini oil pouches. I'm not worried about "over-creating" as I have a craft fair in 2 weeks and anything "leftover" will be brought to the craft fair with me. Make 2 balls of dough in the breadmaker. Tonight it's 'family night' with the kids, so it'll be homemade pizza, a board game and/or a movie! So I need to make sure my sewing is complete by 6pm so we can enjoy the evening!

I haven't figured out the entire weekend yet but I do know my *Mini* EO pouch sale will be Saturday evening, so I'll be prepping for that Saturday and I'm watching my friends kids in the morning for her while she does some kid-free running around! I think I need to go through my fabric scraps as well because they "runneth over" so a fabric scrap sale may be on the horizon soon as well... stay tuned! Sunday seems like a good day to unplug and enjoy the day without a "to do" list staring at me...

On that note I've been up since 5am (4 hours sleep is going to do me in tonight) and I really should stop nursing my coffee and get to work before I have to wake up Mya for school. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

Enjoy your day!