The days are long...
A simple Sunday...

October... looking ahead!


August & September brought many changes to my life, and I'm still slowly adjusting. I've been sparse here on my blog, because when things are tough for me, I tend to clam up and prefer not to air it all out, so I've been dealing with change slowly at my pace and hopefully positively.

I thank everyone for their support when I did post about how I felt and there were lots of great ideas, I would absolutely love to find something "local" to do and local friends, but unfortunately there's not really anything like that where I am that I can find. The only activity I've found is called a "fibre lunch" at the local library, which is where you bring in your crafting project and have tea with other women. The timing doesn't work for me though because with Mya being in school I need to be sure I'm back to pick her up from school at just after 2pm.

There are lots of activities (well, more) & things to do in the next town over, but as I've mentioned before the buses here suck something fierce. They're expensive and only run every 2 hours... so I could literally be gone for 6 hours just to get to & from an activity in a town 20 minutes away. If I want to go to the next town over with Dh & kids for an event, bus fare to & from is upwards of $50.00!! Ouch!! No wonder I'm feeling the way I do...

I had made a list of goals for September and i'm pretty sure that I did horribly, so let's take a look and see how badly I bombed them shall we?

  1. Earn enough income to cover my part of October's bills: I actually blew this one out of the water and I'm so very thankful that it was a good month!
  2. Complete "Back to School" shopping and get into a new routine: Done & done! New routine is working well, I'm starting to get used to my daily 6am wake up times, but let me tell you, by the end of the night I'm a walking zombie.
  3. Have house fully unpacked & organized: No. Our bedroom isn't done yet *sigh*. I need to order a metal bedframe & I need a few more items to organize the basement still.
  4. Make & send my sister a birthday gift: No, because I'm a horrible person, but she understands and it will be done very soon.
  5. Make new stock for market booth in London: Nope... no time. Again, it's on my list.
  6. Sell Queen sized boxspring: Didn't sell it, gave it away because I hated having it in my living room. Either way, it's gone thankfully!
  7. Send Mya's friends "happy mail": No, we just got the boxes to mail things in the mail recently so this will be bumped to my October list.
  8. Read a book: Read "The Magnolia Story" and loved it. I'm sad to hear that they're not filming the show any longer, but they do tend to have a lot on the go, so I can understand why it had to go. Can't do it all....
  9. Make a "Christmas Shoebox" donation: Yes, I am donating a cork bottomed "Perfect Essential Oil Pouch" for an auction.
  10. Don't buy any fabric: Hahahahaha! I suck. 'Nuff said.

Five out of ten, ok, could be worse, could be better. Such is life... I'm not sure if I'm going to make goals for October, if I do, I'll post tomorrow. I really should honestly as they'll keep me on track, but if I'm just going to flop half of them it's disheartening.

Onwards... I hope to begin my Christmas shopping soon. I've told the kids "3 gifts" each, so I'm hoping to purchase gifts here & there as I see something so I'm done my Christmas shopping by December 1st, which is always my goal!

I'm finding it *really* hard to keep my spending to a minimum as there are still a few things we need for the house that I was hoping to have purchased by now, but I haven't. *sigh* I need to buy:

  • Storage items for the basement, a BIG bin for the girls stuffed animals - my friend is checking to see if she has one, but if not, I need to buy one, and perhaps a shelf to help the kids organize their 'stuff' in the basement. There is no storage in the playroom so I'm trying to figure things out, however, my inspiration is nil.
  • Metal bed frame for our bed. We've purchased the split boxspring, the headboard & footboard, but it doesn't work without a metal bed frame. Wish I had known this beforehand...
  • Stair treads. The ones that stick on and make hardwood floors non-slip. I need them for the stairs going to the upper level (they're already on the stairs going to the basement), especially now that it's "sock season" once again. The best price I can find for these are going to cost me around $80.00 after taxes.
  • Winter boots: Dh & child #2 need boots. Good boots. Warm boots. Practical boots. Last month I purchased BOGS for myself, Maria & Mya. They're not the prettiest boots, (well, kinda cute) but they're definitely going to keep our feet warm and dry! So at least 3 of us have fall/winter boots.
  • Fall Jacket: For myself, ASAP. I'm leaning towards this MEC insulated jacket which would be nice & warm for fall. I've been wearing my BENCH wind-breaker up to this point, but it has absolutely *zero* warmth factor to it, and since I'm in & out of the house all day, I definitely need a fall jacket right away.
  • Winter parka. I currently have a Spyder down jacket which I love, but it's a shorter, tight fitting jacket and only hits my waist which I'm thinking isn't going to be the best for winters here, especially when "Snowmagedden" hits and I'm having to walk back and forth to the school for Mya in 12 feet of snow and blustering, frigid winds from the ocean. I'm on the fence right now about a new winter jacket... I'll have to see if I can earn enough income this month to cover what I need covered, one item at a time!
  • Christmas Tree. We gave away our huge tree before we moved, so we need to find a pretty tree, at a reasonable price that's not too big for our living room. It's going to feel weird to have a smaller tree and I honestly prefer huge trees, but that won't work for us here, and didn't work for us at our last house either, so i need to "keep it real" and buy a smaller tree this year!

This is the fall jacket I'm leaning towards... love everything about it, except the price. It's steep but most of the jackets I'm finding are only cotton with no lining for warmth. Kind of pointless I think, I guess unless you're in California. Which I am not. I still think I'm going to bite the bullet and order it so it's said & done. I do have a few jackets that I'm going to try selling online which will help cover the cost of this, wish me luck!



Well I think on that note I'm going to sign off for the afternoon to get things accomplished! Mya has a book report due tomorrow so we need to get that done along with all the "back to school" prep stuff tomorrow. She is absolutely loving school, she loves her teachers and has a "million" friends (even though there are only a little over 100 kids in the entire school.... hahaha). Laundry is calling my name and I'd like to get some housework done today as well. A nice dinner and some baking is on my list too. I think my sewing machine may just get the day off...

Have a wonderful Sunday! Thanks for peeking in!