7 days...
New Years Eve!!!

Home Sweet Home...

It's been a whirlwind of a week... hours are running into hours, days into days. I only know that today is Saturday because I asked Dh to do something at the bank and he told me that it was closed early.
We left Sydney, NS on Christmas Day at 5:00 am, Atlantic time, after staying in a hotel suite in Sydney for 2 nights. Well, that almost didn't happen though. At least not for me. The woman letting everyone through wasn't going to let me fly because she didn't approve of my I.D. I had a photo ID Health Card from Ontario but it had *literally* just expired (I had NO idea) because we were going to get HS health cards, (or whatever they use) but since were moving back, I didn't bother thinking that I'd just get a new one when we got back to Ontario. She told me to let my family go on ahead and to step aside so she could let everyone else through.
On top of this, a man in the airport was giving me the dirtiest & meanest looks I've ever had in my entire life because Chester was meowing, then a woman rolled her eyes at me because Chester was crying & going a little crazy inside that little cat carrier. Poor thing obviously had no idea what was going on and my heart broke for him. I couldn't calm him, but for others to get mean & nasty to me, was just too much. Along with this, I was terrified to fly to be quite honest. The only reason I was flying was because it was getting me HOME.
So, the woman with the power to let people fly or not, telling me to just let my family go on ahead because I wasn't able to fly home with them, absolutely did me in. I had enough. She brushed me off and told me "not to get upset" and at that, I crumpled to the floor & started to cry.
Apparently that can get you on a flight though. She didn't want to deal with an overtired, overstressed, anxious, emotional woman. And that I was.
The kids all enjoyed flying home, no issues on their part at all. I put on my headphones with my music and went into my own little world. My goal was to get home without having an anxiety attack on the plane. I ignored the woman behind me grumbling to her husband about Chester. I ignored the guy in the front of the plain shooting me the death stare.
I succeeded.


The Air Canada plane was very lush and comfortable. I loved the little screen that showed you where you were flying above, how much time and distance to your destination point, etc... Mya watched Frozen, Maria watched Mulan, Dh listened to his music and child #2 slept.
I focused on breathing. Truly. I closed my eyes and told myself I was on a train. LOL!!


Once we hit Toronto I was soooooo excited to be SO close to home. I'm quite comfortable in Toronto & once we boarded our 2nd plane everyone was so friendly and asking about the cats. We were talking about Christmas plans, a woman behind me on the plane gave me gum for Mya when I told Ed I forgot to look for some since Mya's ears *really* hurt on the first plane and made her cry. The man in front of us talked to us for a while and told me how he flies all the time and not to worry etc... everyone was so kind and I felt instant comfort.



We stayed at my inlaws for 2 nights, and we were so happy to spend time with them, but 48 hours later, it was a complete zoo. Small house, too many people. We picked up the keys and moved in with new pillows, comforter sets & air mattresses that my mom purchased for us!! I don't know how I would have done this all without my mom. Maria has been staying with my mom all week (getting spoiled quite well!) and Mya has been staying at her best friends all week as well having a blast!! SO grateful to my mom & Mya's best friends mom for saving me this week!!

Tomorrow both girls will be home I think... so it'll really get fun around here! Haha!! On that note, I'm off to watch an episode from Season 2 of "The Crown"!!


Home, sweet home.