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Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow - Giveaway & Review!!


As per my Raynauds post this morning I wanted to invest in a couple baselayer pieces and decided to go with merino wool, Icebreaker brand rather than synthetic materials from Marks. Icebreaker clothes are based on European sizing, so they fit tall & slim with long arms & legs which is perfefect for me! Whereas clothing made here in North America is generally too short and boxy for me and I have to size up to get the length I need.

I decided on this Icebreaker 200 Oasis crew shirt, which rings in at a hefty $109.99. I went with the Icebreaker brand after talking to my sister who knows a lot about high quality clothes after working with these companies for years. She has Icebreaker clothes that she's been wearing for 10 years and they're just now showing signs of wear... that's not a bad track record!


I also went with these "Icebreaker Everyday Leggings" after reading rave reviews about them online. These rang in at $84.99.


In total I paid $201 and change for these 2 pieces. I really want 2-3 sets of baselayers to rotate through during the fall & winter months, but don't want to drop all that money in one chunk, and especially not before we move again. I had money sitting in my Paypal account so used that instead of digging into our almost non-existent slush fund. I'll build it back up again with pattern sales and invest in a 2nd set of baselayer clothing when there's enough once again. I'll also watch for sales, then hopefully after Christmas I'll be able to snag some deals, but for now, one set should do. Since they're made of Merino wool they don't need to be washed as often as "regular clothes", so I'll just be sure to wash in the evening and they'll be dry by morning to wear again.

Next up, I need a GOOD pair of mitts. I'm thinking something with sheep skin/shearling or the like... does anyone have any suggestions on high quality and extremely warm mittens? (No gloves please)



Do you wear baselayers in the winter months?

What is your favourite brand?