14 days...
7 days...

In the home stretch now!

We are getting soo close now! 10 days and we are home. I really don't think I can put together a coherent blog post so I'm going to use bullet form to cover what's running through my head for this post!

  • We have NO hot water in the kitchen. Zero. Zilch. This is a inconvenience right now, since we do so much in the kitchen, and it's making me a little insane. Someone is supposed to come look at it and I really hope it's very soon!
  • The movers arrive on either the 22nd or the 23rd and we fly out *early* on the 25th, like crazy early, we have to be at the airport by 4am, so it's going to be a crazy few days!
  • I have a mini '3 months' savings account with living expenses saved and set aside in a separate account while we get back on our feet, once again. It will cover the lull in paychecks, etc... we won't have much of a social life for a few months, but hey, we'll be home!!
  • I have all of our moving expenses fully covered & set aside.
  • I've put almost all of my RTS (ready to ship) items on my FB page on sale and they're moving well! I would love to completely clear out in the next week so I can start fresh in January!
  • I packed up more than half of my sewing room today, and will pack up the rest tomorrow! My goal is to have it 100% done tomorrow!
  • We're having an early Christmas Eve and Christmas with the kids. I debated on shipping all their gifts to London for Christmas on Christmas Day, but decided to save the probably $100.00 that it would have cost me to ship gifts and just have an early Christmas here.
  • I still need to wrap all of the above Christmas gifts. I cut WAY back this year, and each year going forward, so there won't be piles and piles to wrap thankfully.
  • I have things being shipped to London so am trying to keep track of what I've ordered and what I still need to order. I should make a list 'cause there's no way I'm going to remember all of this.
  • People are coming to look at the house tomorrow night & Saturday night, so I need to try to organize some boxes and whatnot so it's easy to walk through the house.
  • I want to fill as many boxes as we can tomorrow & email the movers to bring more boxes! Time is ticking & we are quickly running out of time!

And on that note... I'm off for the night. I'm exhausted and desperately need sleep because tomorrow is going to be a full & busy day!