Home Sweet Home...
January Money Diet 2018

New Years Eve!!!


So tell me, who has exciting New Years Eve plans? My plans include hanging around the house with my husband & kids! Fabulous right!?

In about an hour I'm going to run some errands since everything is closed tomorrow, and with both girls being home today (*scratch that, apparently Mya has New Years Even plans... hahaha!) we need more food in the house. Also a bowl so I can steam myself veggies!! I'm desperate for vegetables! It's been a full week since I've had veggies and I'm seriously going crazy. Food allergies are such a pain and there is nothing "easy" I can eat. I can't eat raw veggies, so a simple salad is out.

I'm hoping to find some card games and board games at the dollar & thrift stores today. Our truck full of our worldly belongings doesn't arrive till the end of next week, so some entertainment will be a good thing! We do have a tv & DVD player that my mom lent us, so there's that, and Netflix on our iDevices but I'll go insane if all I do is watch tv. Soooo boring! hahaha!!

Right now we have a handful of lawn chairs, kitchen chairs, a TV tray & a folding table. Air mattresses & comforter sets. That's about it, but I'm grateful that we have somewhere to sit and somewhere to eat. However, there is clutter everywhere which kind of drives me crazy, but it is what is and I can't do anything about it at this point, so I'm not stressing.

I do miss sewing though and honestly can't wait to get my stuff set up so I can be up & running again! I have a list of projects I have to complete before I open customs and start any RTS items, but still, being creative is going to be a good thing!! Before this happens though I *HAVE* to get my sewing room painted, right now it's a very dark plum-brown colour and I can't work in there as it is. It needs to be brighter though and I'm definitely going to have to invest in some good lighting before I can make it *mine*. So I'm looking into painting before the movers arrive. More on this soon, maybe I'll share pics later on today of my sewing room and what I'm thinking 'cause I could definitely use some input!

On that note I'm off to get my day started... enjoy your day, I'll try to return later on today! Nothing else to do right now... haha!!

PS - For those who asked, both cats are doing just fine! The "Queen" is upset that Chester keeps following us around though... to the hotel, on the airplanes, into the new house.. she seems to be wondering why we can't get rid of this pesky "infestation". *wink*