Saturday things...
Well today is a total bust...

A balmy day ahead...


Well, it's balmy if you take into account that the last 2 weeks have been sitting mostly -25c to -35c!! So the mercury going all the way up to 1c with a windchill factor of -5c this afternoon is a nice, nice day!! And that's a good thing because we have to be out & about this morning with lots of walking, so knowing that I probably won't freeze on the spot gives me a sweet sigh of relief!

On my list today...

  • Dr's appt
  • Pet Valu for cat food
  • Giant Tiger for some food items and to check out their selection of thermal curtains
  • order put through
  • Researching & hopefully finding an office chair to order/purchase. I need a good quality, ergonomic,comfortable chair for my sewing room, but don't want to spend a fortune and I'm hoping for a lighter colour (white/tan) in leather or more likely with my budget, leather-like.
  • Decide if i'm going to apply as a vendor for a very large, very expensive craft show in the spring.

And that's probably about it really! Without our stuff, there's really not much for us to do, so I'll just wait and know that, God willing, in a couple of days the moving truck will be here and I'll be happy as a clam unpacking and getting the house set up finally!!

Well on that note I'm going to cut this short as I need to get it in gear so we're ready to leave on time! Have a fabulous Monday everyone!!