New Years Eve!!!
Things on my mind & a decision...

January Money Diet 2018


It's January 1st which means it's time for a fresh, new start! I'm not going to make any resolutions as I'm just not into them. There are things I'd like to work on (self-care) but those need to be in little bursts, weekly or monthly as I know that works far better for me! I think about it all post more about it soon.

Today I'm posting about the January Money Diet 2018 at Happy, Simple Living.

With being back in London after spending the last 5 months in Nova Scotia, a clean & simple start can only be a good thing! That and we won't have a regular income coming in until probably close to months end, and no income whatsoever on my part until I get the entire house set up and my sewing room up & running again!

So I'm hoping to accomplish each & every challenge thrown at me this month! I grabbed a Moleskine notebook the other day at Chapters so I'll jot down the challenges as they're posted because some I may not be able to accomplish on the same day.

Like todays challenge....

Donate 31 items. Now, since our truck hasn't arrived yet I don't actually own 31 items. LOL!!! So I'll jot that down and as I'm unpacking box after box after box, I'll make sure to fill a bag/box with 31 items to donate! I'll share when I'm done all the same!

On that note I'm off... I'm going to snap pics of my soon to be sewing room so I can share my ideas and get some input as well! Enjoy your day & Happy New Years!!