A balmy day ahead...

Well today is a total bust...


Spent the morning out getting some bins & buckets for organizing Mya's room and the hall closet. Then home only to run into the ER with a sliced finger that was spurting blood for well over 1 1/2 hours. Not mine. Child #2's finger. After finding out we'd literally be in the ER till probably close to midnight waiting for a Dr (8+ hour wait) we asked the nurse if she thought stitches were needed.

She said yes because of the way the skin was 'flapping', but if we were to glue the skin (3M NewSkin type stuff), clean well and bandage really well for the week she thought we'd be ok. So... we took the chance and left the ER to avoid a VERY long afternoon and night sitting in the hospital.

Stopped at the drugstore to pick up the 'glue' and gel bandages (crazy expensive but they are amazing) so we could bandage the finger, then we were back home to make dinner. With that, my day was pretty much over before it even started.

After dinner we worked on unpacking & organizing Mya's bedroom for a while, and I'd say we accomplished half before the finger started bleeding again. *sigh* We have it stopped but I'm hoping it clots so we don't end up back in ER sometime during the night tonight. It may be a very long night... please say a prayer that we made the right choice in leaving the ER and the finger will heal over well as we're hoping!


I started organizing my sewing room, but quickly became overwhelmed because:

a) I'm absolutely exhausted from being sick & sleep deprived. I'm happy to be home, but make no mistake, I am emotionally and physically drained.

b) The dresser I'm using for fabric storage hasn't been carried downstairs yet so I can't really organize my fabric yet, which is obviously a huge part of my sewing room

c) I'm really not sure how I want to set up my sewing room

and finally...

d) my bakers rack isn't set up perfectly, so it's driving me bonkers. One side keeps slipping down which is driving me slightly insane. I'm hoping Dh can fix it for me tomorrow.

Tomorrow my "to do" list runneth over, with our belongings here now I just have so much to do to get this house up & running, I'm feeling very overwhelmed as I'm the one who does most of everything around here with child #2, but now we have to be careful so the bleeding doesn't start again.

I was hoping to get to the hospital to see grandma tomorrow as well. She fell last week and broke her pelvic bone, shoulder and a finger. Poor grandma, and being 95, this is a big fall. Naturally it's supposed to downpour all day tomorrow, so now I wonder do I go see her and hope I don't get worse from being sick or wait for the weather to improve. I'll have to take 2 buses to & from the hospital so will have to stand in the rain both ways waiting. My sisters-in-law and neice have been going up a lot to help her, and I feel like I'm not doing my part to help, but things are so crazy hectic right now, my cup runneth over and not in the good way. In the "how in the world am I going to do this all" way.

On that note, I'm in dire need of sleep so I'm going to sign off, say goodnight and I shall return tomorrow!