Looking back & setting boundaries! (For myself!)

Tonight I was looking back at some of my older & cherished sewing projects and I started thinking about how much I miss doing my own thing... now that my customs are back open, (because bills & a kid on the way to University) my creativity has to be set aside so I can create what my customer wants. This fabric there, that fabric here, so on and so forth. 

I really miss being creative on my own terms. Customs tend to squelch a lot of my creativity, unless my customer trusts me 100%, which doesn’t happen very often. I have a list of customs that i’m currently working through, and my feedback is pretty sparse. But that’s the way it is, i’m grateful for my custom work, but do wish I could squeeze more hours into my day sometimes. 

Items like these are definitely more time consuming sometimes, but I do really enjoy creating them. The step by step process really is quite enjoyable and stress free! Choosing fun projects, adding special little touches, and just thinking and creating my way through an item without worrying about what anyone else thinks or wants.

All of the items below were items I just made on my own terms, with my own creativity, except for the patchwork NCW I believe, but even that I think I was given “free reign” on doing what I wanted to within a certain colour scheme. And isn’t it a fun one!?

I definitely have to find a way, and some time to be more creative and have sewing time that’s 100% on my own terms. It feeds my soul.... but it’s tough. It’s really tough honestly, there are only so many hours in the day and it seems hard enough to find enough work hours in the day in between kid stuff, house stuff, running errands, so on and so forth. I sure do envy those who seem to “do it all” or can afford not to have to do it all! 

I’m trying to simplify things a little for myself, set some boundaries and ease my stress level of being “on call” 24/7, whenever my phone *dings* me because someone “needs me” or just my knowledge. Or you know, when google is down & i’m the only one who could possibly know where to find a certain fabric or zipper... lol! 

Onwards, here’s my plan: 

This morning I changed the hours on my page to a more realistic time frame along with my ‘away’ message set for evening hours & Sundays. So now my challenge is to actually *ignore* messages that come in during the evening hours and on Sundays, so I can have some downtime where i’m not forever & always at someone else’s ‘beck & call’. 

I’m also going to write myself a sewing schedule for the week ahead on Sundays and will be trying to show myself some grace & compassion by: 

  1. Having a realistic sewing goal list for the week. Not a list that requires me to ignore everything else in my life in order to accomplish an overloaded sewing schedule. 
  2. Stick to said sewing schedule.
  3. Having a longer turnaround time for custom work. Custom work is very time consuming, so extra time for choosing fabrics, msg’ing back & forth, etc... means that by the time everything has been chosen, extra time is needed. 
  4. Giving myself a couple days during the week for “RTS” (ready to ship items) and some “creative/selfish sewing”.
  5. Ignoring the constant *dings* of my phone after 5pm and on Sundays. This alone will be a huge break for me as I get messages at all hours of the day & night. I feel bad ignoring them, so I reply, but then it interrupts whatever I was doing and my entire focus is lost.

This is my plan, i’m really hoping I can make it work, ‘cause somethings gotta give! *wink*

Take a peek at the pretties below and leave a comment telling me which is your favourite! I’d love to hear why as well!! Enjoy your evening! 












I think the weather people were right this time...


This summer is surely going to go down as one of the hottest summers in on record for Ontario. It has been scorching hot here since summer hit, with very little relief at all! Most days with the humidity the mercury hits near 40c! Our central air has been running 24/7 unfortunately with little breaks. 

The pool is still driving me crazy and i’m 90% sure I just want to tear it down and call it a huge, expensive stupid judgement of error on my part. According to the pool people we need to add more stuff to the pool, 2 of which we don’t have. I’ve purchased SO many bottles of this & that for the pool, it’s absolutely insane. Even if I were to add this stuff, we still can’t get our stupid saltwater filter to ‘read’ the water, we’ve tried everything and no go. 

To say i’m frustrated would be an understatement. *sigh* 

So do I shove even more money into this pool in hopes that this is it, do I hire pool guys and hope they can get it up and running, or do I pull it down and call it a day. I think really my only choices are hiring a pool guy or tearing it down. A pool guy is going to cost me a few hundred dollars *minimum*, on top of everything else i’ve already put into the pool. The number is huge, FAR more than just the cost of the stupid pool itself. 

Onwards, I don’t think I mentioned this on my blog, but Child #2 was accepted into two UWO (University of Western Ontario) programs. One is an advanced program in which only about 20 spots are given!! It’s an advanced Arts & Humanities program for Classical Studies. I am SO PROUD I could absolutely burst!! So we’ve been trying to get everything in order & figure out how everything works, which is a task in itself. 

Today I have a bunch of running around to do, but I still need to get some sewing done. An NCW ideally will be completed before my head hits the pillow tonight! 

Well, true to my luck, the “o” key on my *brand new keyboard* literally just died, so i’m going to call this post complete as I hate using my touchscreen to type. Sorry about that!

Enjoy your day!



Back to it today...

I mentioned before that I was having a friend over for a few days, she was here, and we really enjoyed our time together! We did some shopping, lots of chatting, we hit the SunFest, saw Jurrasic World 2, etc... the time went by *far too quickly*, but it was a fun few days away from “day to day life”, with lots of activities and being out & about! She’s a crazy busy business woman, so I really consider it a treat when she carves time out of her insane schedule to come see us!! 

While she was here, I really didn’t do much except reply to messages when I had the time. But with my customs back open again, I need to get hustling so I stay on top of my orders and complete items on my ‘to do’ list! 

Today I managed to get a couple of orders completed, one picked up today, the other going in the mail on Monday, along with a few fabric combos for customs pulled as well! Yay me!! 

  • 2 coin pouches (below, the 3rd was RTS, but sold instantly) 
  • A cork sunglasses case (I have an extra RTS that i’ll snap pics of tomorrow to list) 

I also have a few more orders cut & ready to be assembled. The fabrics have all been ironed and odds & ends to match pulled! Tomorrow on my list i’ll be completing the following items: 

  • 2 Sunglass cases 
  • 2 Chapstick Keyfobs 
  • Keyfobs (2) 
  • Nautical cork Wristlet 
  • Rose Gold “cash” envelope 
  • Pull fabrics for coaster & mini table topper custom order. 

Here are the lovely “Phillip Jacobs” coin pouches I made today... 



I’m running on just 2 hours of sleep, so i’m quite happy with the progress that I made today! I’m hoping for a FULL nights sleep tonight and will hopefully get through my list for tomorrow without issue as well! 

Next weekend I won’t sew my entire weekend away, but i’m really trying to get back on track from my JUKI being gone for a few days and taking a few days off to spend time with my friend. I am planning on having a very productive week and crossing lots off of my “to do” list! 

On that note i’m going to load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and get myself to bed. I’m absolutely exhausted; it should take me all of 20 seconds to fall asleep tonight! 

Enjoy your weekend!