Kitten update...


No luck getting the kitten yet, although we are feeding her mom & dad regularly. The mom is fine with dry kibble, but the dad is a fussy one, he'll only dive into the wet food. Leave it to a stray cat to be a "fussy eater"... hahaha!! Neither of us will come near us, they're very 'skiddish' and don't trust us one bit. It's too bad cause they're so pretty and we really want to pet them... lol!

The kitten apparently shows up on our neighbours porch most mornings so he's going to try to grab it for us if he can as well. But for us, we're not seeing is regularly. It's the cutest, fluffiest little thing though so I'm really hoping that we're able to get it soon!

When I walked Mya to school this morning it was -3c, so the temperatures are definitely dropping and it would be nice if the little one had a warm home and people to dote over it. I'm crossing my fingers that it's meant to be...

Here's my day in a nutshell:

  • I'm working on a handful of slimline wallets for my upcoming craft fair. My goal for today will be 4 wallets.
  • Canada Post run to mail out a few pkgs.
  • Laundry 2x.
  • Housework - Sweeping, wiping down bathrooms, cat litter needs changed, a big box needs broken down for recycling.
  • I need to tidy/organize my sewing desk and clean/oil my JUKI tonight.
  • Order envelopes.
  • Make a goal list of items for my upcoming craft fair.
  • WalMart run for a small fan for Maria to clip onto her headboard, who always 'runs hot', so poor Mya doesn't have to freeze every night with the big fan on.
  • Stop by bakery outlet to grab some bread, buns, english muffins, etc...

I think that about covers it for today... nothing out of the ordinary, it's chilly today and calling for rain but I'm hoping that doesn't happen until after I pick up Mya at 2:10pm!! Brrr..!! Too cold for rain!

On that note I'm off to cut more fabric and get ready to run out... enjoy your day!

PS - I listed a handful of gorgeous, heavy duty quilted keyfobs on my FB page in case anyone wants any! I'm taking the post down in a few hours and saving the rest for my craft fair!


Long & busy days...

Another busy day here, it's funny as I had wrote in my planner for Sunday, "Lazy Day". Bahahahaha!! As if, my day was busy morning till night. It's a little disheartening honestly as I really wanted just one day to simply relax and enjoy some downtime and maybe get in some reading time, but alas, it was not meant to be. I did housework, laundry, cooking, sewing, packaged orders, custom work, replied to emails & pms, prep for school tomorrow, kid stuff, so on and so forth.
Every single day I'm working & running around from 6:00am in the morning till 10:00pm or so at night. I'm exhausted. I feel it. I look it. I don't wear make-up but I'm seriously considering purchasing an undereye concealer as my eyes are soo dark underneath. I'm not drinking enough water, and not eating enough again. When things are like this I tend to lose weight, so we'll see if I'm able to hang onto those few lbs I gained or not.
Ideally I'd be able to have normal hours for my sewing, but I guess until dh gets more hours, I need to make sure everything we need to cover is being covered. It's a huge change for us and definitely not one I'm used to. I hope I'm able to slow down a bit sooner than later though as I'm feeling very close to crashing & burning. I'm doing almost everything around here and it's wearing me out. I'm 100% overwhelmed.


Unlike her... she's chill. But why wouldn't she be?

She has 5 servants at her beck & call...




What's up for the week ahead...

  • Hopefully we're getting our dryer fixed. *sigh* The other night it took THREE HOURS to dry one small load of laundry. I'm over it and no way I'm going to pay 3 hours of energy costs for that. I'm hoping it's able to be fixed soon as I hate to fall behind on laundry and I can only hang up laundry for a bit longer before the weather is going to be too cold.
  • I'm crossing my fingers that I receive a fabric order so I can finish the last custom order on my list. I'm going to quilt the outer panels tomorrow so I have that part done at least and put together the pockets as well.
  • I need to make a list of items that I'd like to make for my upcoming craft fair on the 28th. I don't think it's going to be a very big event (small town) so I'm not going to knock myself out and am going to focus on $50.00 items or less for this one.
  • Canada Post run, Groceries, Library and we need a few misc items from WalMart.
  • A completed bedroom. I'm really hoping Dh puts together our bed frame & figures out where he's going to put his 4 or 5 boxes that are piled in the corner of our bedroom. Ugh! We finally have our new split boxspring, new metal bed frame and headboard/footboard, so now Dh just has to "get to it". As this is one thing I can't do on my own. I did manage to finally unpack my last box of clothes, get my new shelf (dh decided to use it for his hockey cards so I was waiting for him to clear it) and now my closet is fully organized which means it'll finally be quick & simple for me to find clothing in the morning.
  • Perhaps coming up with something reminiscent of a budget? Maybe instead of making a full monthly budget at the beginning of the month, I need to simply start slow and go week by week and see if I can stick to that first. Looking ahead to see what's happening, what we need, etc... and working with that.
  • I need to clean my JUKI, declutter my sewing desk and organize my hutch. I'd also like to hang some of my mini quilts as I haven't even hung one up yet!

That's all I can think of right now, it's after 11:00pm and I need to get in bed soon so I can aim for a solid 6 hours of sleep. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


The Good, The Bag and The Ugly...


The Good:

  • I'm almost done making 22 *Mini* Essential Oil Pouches for my flash sale this weekend! Yay! I am aiming for another 10 pouches sometime this week - wish me luck! Details will be posted tomorrow, today (as per usual) was fully and busy, so I didn't have time to write my post with the details, but stay tuned!
  • I've made a nice handful of pretty items for Patty Sloniger's quilt market booth. I have 2 more items on my list that I hope to create tomorrow, then I need to take some more photos and prepare to mail on the weekend! I love this new line and can't wait to share photos of everything!
  • I went to bed earlier last night than I have in many years and managed to get NINE full hours of sleep! Heavenly.
  • I gained weight! I know this isn't on everyone's wish list, (lol) but when we moved here, I lost quite a bit of weight and had hoped to put it back on along with a few more lbs! I have actually gained 8lbs in the last 6 weeks approximately which is a good thing and puts me at a healthy, non "underweight" level.
  • My organic, local pork order was delivered today so I have a nice side of pork sitting pretty in my freezer! Uber healthy & delicious!
  • I'm feeling overall better about life in general. I'm starting to adjust to living here on Cape Breton Island a bit more now which I desperately need. It's peaceful here and I absolutely love our area, so it helps a lot! I still haven't found anything "activity" wise for me, but I'm starting to try to fit in a bit of "me" time every day. Even if it's just 30 minutes to read a book with a coffee in peace.

The Bad:

  • Our budget. *sigh* I want so much to get on track with our budget, but with our finances being so tight now, it's just not happening. Something seems to always come up which derails us.
  • We haven't found a vehicle yet and I think we're definitely going to have to increase our budget, which stresses me out.
  • I'm behind on my emails & my pms. If I owe you a reply, I'm sorry, I will get to you sooner than later!
  • I've hardly posted on IG lately and need to get "back into the game", but my days are so full and so busy now I'm finding it hard to keep up with social media, or anything computer related lately, hence my random blogging over the last couple of months.

The Ugly:

  • I'm having a very hard time saving money right now. With my customs being closed in order to prep for my 2 upcoming craft fairs & cross a couple of obligations off of my "to do" list, along with Dh's low hours, saving just isn't happening. I hate not being able to tuck money away for a "rainy day", but I suppose it is what it is. At least bills are all paid, we zero debt and there's healthy food on the table.

There you go, the good, the bad, and the ugly! Now I need to get ready for bed as I have to be up in a little over 6 hours... eek! Good night!!