My week in a nutshell...


This week ended up being far busier for me than I had thought it would be, I was out almost every day I think doing this or that. The week is pretty much a blur at this point honestly because I'm absolutely exhausted. Next week I have more running around to do as well, but hopefully not as many days out of the house. Being out so much really throws me off schedule and I hate falling behind with my sewing. It stresses me out.

I wrote out a new sewing schedule for the week and if I stay on track I'll have all my custom orders (minus a large wholesale order) off of my sewing list by next Friday. Which leaves me a few days "free" in which I need to sew some goods up for the Merry Makers booth and another shop I'm putting my handmade creations in! Any guesses from the locals? I'm going to stick to just these 2 shops as I don't want to stretch myself too thin!

Chester had a booster this week as well and I was a little nervous for him because after his first shots he was so very lethargic and didn't really move much until the next morning. He had no interest in eating or drinking at all. So I told the vet this and because he had 2 shots last time they couldn't be sure which one he reacted to, so they gave him a dose of something or other along with his booster to counter-effect his booster. Apparently the special breeds like Ragdolls are more sensitive to medicines, etc... Well the dose of whatever they gave him definitely helped him this time as he was as mischevious and hungry as he ever is!

Note to self: I need to make another appointment to get him fixed within the next 2 weeks! Poor thing, doesn't know what's coming... lol!

On another note, my birthday was on Wednesday and I had my family over for dinner which was so nice!! We made a couple pans of lasagna and sat around talking together and just enjoying the chit-chat. Dallas came over and was going to bring his girlfriend so I could meet her, but she wasn't feeling well, and didn't want to share (bless her!) so I'll meet her another time soon!

I was given wonderful gifts which I absolutely love & am so grateful for!!

  • That absolutely adorable aqua OTT light up above! It matches my sewing room to perfection & helps with S.A.D. It has a special bulb with 3 settings. I also love that I can charge my iPhone in the back of it! I've been using it daily since I received it!
  • Tickets to see "The Sound of Music" at Budweiser Gardens in May! SO excited for this!!
  • A $50.00 gift card for Chapters.Indigo

I've been doing lots of sewing as per usual. Here's a simple denim zipper pouch I made today... I really love the simplicity and minimalist look of this pouch! It is available, if your're interested send me an email or msg me on my FB page.




And on that note, I'm off for the night... I have emails and PM's to reply to, but my wrists are done for the day. So I'll take care of those tomorrow, hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Thanks for peeking in!

PS - If you missed my last post, scroll back, it's a yummy giveaway!!

SPOKES!! Allergy Safe Snacking!


Good morning! If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that we deal with a lot of food allergies in my household. Three of us have food allergies which makes shopping a time consuming, expensive task & finding snacks a challenge all in it's own! Until now!

SPOKES is a light and crunchy potato snack that is air-puffed {never oil fried}, SPOKES are lightly oil-misted and seasoned for a naturally delicious clean and crisp taste experience. Made with good-for-you simple ingredients, SPOKES are gluten-free, Non GMO Project Verified and have only 40 calories per cup.

ree of the 11 major allergens including dairy, gluten, wheat, soy and egg, no artificial preservatives or colours, and no trans fat or cholesterol, SPOKES are a potato snack everyone can love. Plus, they’re made locally in a peanut free facility in Calgary, AB, Canada. Available in nine (9) mouth-watering flavours, there is something for everyone:

  • Sea Salt,
  • Mango Habanero,
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar,
  • Barbecue,
  • Dill Pickle,
  • Salt & Pepper,
  • Fiesta Salsa,
  • Sea Salted Caramel and
  • Simply Bare.




Created by a Canadian Mom who wanted a Better-For-You (BFY) snack for her family, SPOKES was born as a result of many years’ work refining product development and consumer research. We’re naturally curious, and are always experimenting with new things. With an emphasis on wholesome,
naturally simple
ingredients and great taste, we set out to create a delicious snack the whole family can love.





I have a little giveaway for my Canadian readers! I have 3 coupons to try a FREE BAG of SPOKES! And I can tell you, these are fabulous little snacks and we all really enjoyed them! Even my husband enjoyed them and he has no allergies whatsoever!



SPOKES air-puffed potato snacks typically retail $3.99 for a regular size bag, and are already available across Canada in most natural, conventional and independent grocery and drugstore retailers including: Whole Foods, Kardish, Goodness Me!, Planet Organic, Blush Lane, Safeway, Sobeys

(Western Canada), Thrifty Foods, Metro (Quebec), London Drugs and Bed Bath & Beyond.

HOW TO WIN: Leave me a comment telling me what food allergies you have and if you win a coupon which bag you'd like to try! Giveaway open for Canadian residents only!

I will post the winners (3) next Monday, Feb, 19th, so be sure to check back! Good luck!!

I did it! And more random rambling...

One week into our new budget & I came in under budget by $139.16!!

Here's what we spent this week:

  • Groceries $101.36
  • Medical/Personal care $19.48
  • Pizza Delivery $40.00 including tip! *I caved and let the kids talk me into ordering them Dominoes pizza on Super Bowl Sunday. Not that we ordered it 'cause of the SuperBowl since Dh went out with friends to watch and nobody else in this household cares.

Grand total: $160.84

We did awesome this week 'cause I was pretty much housebound, which helps. We're having a cold spell and since I'm not a fan of walking around in -20c weather and 2 feet of snow, it was pretty easy not to spend. However, now we desperately need groceries as meals are getting pretty creative, which is actually a good thing cause stuff is being eaten! Even the leftovers! Yay!! But I need to get out... no excuses.

I'm not exactly sure what I should do with the "overage" from this weeks budget, ideally it would be nice to just bulk up our budget for next week, but I'll probably just tuck it away for Chester's upcoming vet appointments. I think tomorrow I'll call to see how much his next 2 appointments are going to cost me, then I'll be able to budget for it appropriately. Valentine's Day is coming up next week too and I really like to get the kids each a *small gift*, (usually just a treat each) just 'cause they've my loves. Tomorrow our budget starts fresh again and I intend on tracking where we spend and if I manage to come in under on on budget.

The weather this morning was horrendous so I didn't get out today to do my running around as planned which means tomorrow is going to be a busy day, morning till night...

Tomorrow morning I need to set my alarm bright & early so I can have my coffee in peace (I hope) reply to emails/PM's & get myself ready before 9am. Then I need to hit Canada Post, Pet Valu, Shoppers Drug Mart, peek in the thrift store quickly (still looking for an end table!) and I need to get groceries as well. We'll probably go to Sobey's as they have more specialty items than the other grocery stores around us.

In the afternoon I need to get in a few hours of sewing if possible so I can sew like a mad woman! I am hoping to restock some oil pouches at the Merry Makers booth on Saturday and I haven't had time to get in sewing time for these yet, so with any luck I'll be able to spend a few hours tomorrow afternoon making a dent in some new oil pouches! A few small pouches and a couple large pouches would be nice to complete, but we'll see. If I can ignore the constant *pinging* from my devices I think I could definitely get done what I need to get done... but it seems like something or someone always needs me.

Then tomorrow night I'm out! Yay me!! I'll probably plan on something quick & easy for dinner tomorrow as we have tickets to the Grand tomorrow evening for a "Jeans & Classics" David Bowie & Prince tribute show! These were tickets I gave as child #2's birthday gift, so we're really excited for it! The show starts at 8pm, but I'm hoping to bus downtown so we'll have to leave early to make it on time. Then we'll cab home as I'm not so keen on hanging out downtown at 10:30-11:00pm at night waiting for a bus. Thanks, but no thanks. I don't mind being downtown after a show if I'm with my husband, 'cause if you've seen my husband, you know that nobody is going to bother us. LOL!!

Anyways, that's my day tomorrow!

As for today, I got back to sewing. I did end up taking off about 18 hours "off" from sewing which helped my wrists enough today so that I could be slowly productive. I crossed another order (8 cork wallets) and a donation for an auction off of my "to do" list. A friend is going on a missionary trip to Haiti in a couple of weeks and is having an auction in an effort to raise some extra funds to purchase more supplies before she leaves.

This friend of mine puts her all into these trips and funds them on her own, I think she's such an amazing person and I'm happy that I'm able to help her raise a bit of extra money to helps others in need! I'm also going to donate a mini oil pouch from my RTS (ready to ship) items so with any luck they sell well! I'll share the link to the auction when it goes live in case anyone is interested!



And on that note, it's almost 11pm and I'm absolutely exhausted. My nice, warm, ultra comfortable bed is calling me... I'm off!


Do you stick to a budget or prefer to "fly by the seat of your pants?"