And the winner is...

Sorry the delay in announcing the winner of a fabulous Mediflow Floating Comfort Pillow, I desperately needed a day "off", so we were out & about today enjoying the beautiful sunshine and running some errands.

Without further ado, I used to choose my winner and it came up with PsychSarah!! Congratulations! Please contact me so we can arrange your pillow delivery! You'll be able to sleep well for Santa this year! ;)

I'm off to watch Elf with my kids, have a wonderful evening!


Packing... do I pack it all up? Or wait...


The other night I packed up 3 big boxes of stuff from my sewing room, yesterday I had to unpack and dig through those 3 big boxes I had packed. Today I had to dig again for something else I needed. I'm tempted to pack it all up & call it a day, but at the same time I'd like to keep income coming in on my end as long as I possibly can. I think to help me focus I'll write out a list of the rest of our moving expenses and see how stressed I need to be. LOL!!

This is the part I hate, deciding what can be packed and hoping we don't need it again before we move. It would be easier to pack up my sewing room & call it a day, but I still have a few items that *absolutely* need done before our move, but I'm waiting on a slow fabric order. In the meantime I figured I may as well continue to sew & sell.

I guess maybe the smart thing to do would be to focus on the rest of the rest of the house & leaving my sewing stuff out until I'm absolutely done everything that has to be done. Then I can aim to have my sewing room completely packed up by the 18th or something like that. Which is a few days before the movers pick up. That way I'll have access to what I need for now.

Today I think I'll focus on packing the following:

  • Out of season coats/shoes/boots we won't need/use before we move. This should be 2-3 boxes.
  • Books. The girls have lots of books, this will take up a chunk of boxes as well.
  • Out of season clothing.
  • Kitchen stuff. 1-2 boxes will be a good chunk as our kitchen stuff is pretty minimal.

This will be a nice start! I need to make a few phone calls again as well to give companies our new phone number now that I have it. It's funny with this company we went with for home phone, you have to *pay* to have your phone number listed if you want it accessible... who in the world wants their phone number listed!? I was like sweet!!! No thank-you!!! I'll not pay that $5.00/month and not have telemarketers calling me at all hours of the day & night! Haha!!

On that note i'm falling asleep here as I haven't slept well since moving, and it's just getting worse with the cats. They fight and I'm forever having to 'referee' or let them in and out of the room. I'm lucky to get a few hours sleep a night, and usually that's not 'solid' as I'm up & down all night dealing with the cats or I just can't sleep. Chester likes to climb up our headboard and jumps on my head, he's scratched my face a few times and one time *really* good, a scar has now formed now by my eye. But if I don't let him in our room he scratches, meows and cries under my door non-stop and I cannot sleep through that.

Anyways, I have soo much to do today, so I'd better get back to it! Enjoy your day!!

First snow & other things...


Weather: Today we had our first snow, big fluffy, beautiful white snowflakes that stayed on the ground for an hour or two then melted again. Tomorrow it's telling me sunshine, and I hope we get lots of it, dull, dreary days seem to drag on and it's to be motivated when it's overcast all day. The next two weeks look to be fairly mild, in the 4-7c temperature range mostly. Not bad at all for mid December overall !!

Packing: Last night I packed 3 boxes from my sewing room and today 2 boxes were packed from the basement. Five boxes in total, it's a start. 19 days & counting at this point, and because we minimized so much from our last move, we really don't have a lot to pack. Tomorrow I'll probably go through my clothing and pack up a box, leaving out a handful of outfits and a couple pairs of pjs. I think we can pack some stuff from the kitchen as well, but we're pretty minimal in that department. I hate kitchen clutter and extra dishes so we really only have what we need & use. We do have an abundance of coffee mugs though... probably 15 of mine (mostly gifts from you know who you are) plus a set of 8 that came with our Corelle dishes. I'll probably donate those mugs...

Moving Progress: So far I have set up service for our home phone & internet, we went with TekSavvy as I'm trying to avoid Rogers & Bell (I've had enough of them to last a lifetime), I have Union Gas & London Hydro in our name for January and I've stop service for everything here, except Dh's cell phone which he needs to do. I need to call our life insurance guy to change addresses, and figure out what we're supposed to do with our health cards. We never ended up applying for Nova Scotia health cards so I think all should be well with our Ontario cards, but I'll call just to confirm. I need to set up mail forward again with Canada Post as well.

Christmas: I am 100% done my Christmas shopping! Yay me! We've decided to have an early Christmas this year, so the kids will probably open gifts a few days before the movers come and Mya wrote a letter to Santa letting him know that we were moving, so perhaps he'll make a special early trip as well. Most of their gifts will have to be packed, but this way they can choose to keep one gift out to bring on the flight with us. Tonight I sent my World Vision sponsor kids extra $$$ for Christmas so that's taken care of as well. One of them the $$$ goes directly for his needs, and for the other (our girl) the gift goes for a community gift. We receive an update in the New Year as to how the $$ was spent and it's honestly something I really look forward to every year!

New House: Not sure if i've said much about the new house, but I'm really excited! It's larger with 5 bedrooms, which means the kids each get their own bedroom and I get my own sewing room! Yay me!! Very excited that I won't have to take over the living room or dining room in this house. We haven't seen it in person yet (obviously) but my mom & sister have seen it and said it's very nice and that I'll be very happy! It's on a quiet street and very close to Mya's best friends once again! So she, and them, are over the moon excited to have her back again! It's convenient to grocery store, Canada Post, variety store (that's one thing that I haven't seen out here, variety shops!), Goodwill (a nice one! Yay!), pharmacy, etc... and easy for public transit as well. I'm excited to settle in and make it ours.

Finances: Tis' the season for finances to suck. Especially with a cross country move. Money is going out far faster than it's coming in unfortunately. Our moving fund is going to take a huge hit once we pay for first months rent (last has already been paid) & our moving truck, so I'm trying to sew my heart out and keep RTS (Ready to Ship) items flowing. I'm tucking every single penny into our moving fund in hopes that it'll cover everything it needs to. Thankfully I had excellent credit with London Hydro and Union Gas so I didn't have to pay a security deposit to get service back again. Just a small $35.00 fee with each, which every single customer has to pay regardless. I can't think of any other fee's we'll have to pay, except for mail forward, so God willing our moving fund is substantial enough to get through this move!

Stress/Happiness Level: Since we made the decision to move back to London and secured the house my stress level is a million times better. I feel like *myself* for the first time in many months. Just knowing that in less than three weeks I'll get to see my son, my sister, my mom, my best friend, etc.. makes me sooo happy and grateful. Even with the stress of finances, I'm so grateful and happy to be going home. My entire attitude has changed and I haven't been crying, I don't feel depressed, I don't pray for bedtime at 7pm (well, sometimes.. haha), it's just better now all around. Being lonely, feeling isolated, heart-broken and so stressed out had taken it's toll on me emotionally & physically, but with everything falling into place as it is, I just can't explain how relieved I feel.

On that note... I'm off to get Miss Mya into bed, put on my pj's and work on some hand-stitching! Have a wonderful night! Thanks for stopping by!

PS - Don't forget about my amazing Mediflow pillow giveaway!!