Good morning! It’s going to be a gorgeous, hot day today!! It’s calling for a high of 30c+ and lots of sunshine!! I’m sticking close to home but I see some time spent outside this afternoon with a coffee & my current novel. 




I’ll start the day by sharing a beautiful “Amalfi Herb Garden” large canvas & natural cork pouch. Sturdy, but soft & luxurious. This natural cork will forever be my favourite... it’s incredibly soft! Just fabulous!!


It measures in at 8x8x2” & is finished off with a gorgeous Tiger’s Eye zipper charm that my sister made for me. I simply can’t get enough of this gorgeous line!! 









I’ll add this beauty to my RTS album on FB later on today! ❤️


Now on my list today:


- Catch up on PM’s & emails 

- 2 local pick-ups 

- Cut fabric for a custom ordered “Sewing Date Traveler” 

- share a video & photos of my fabulous new Dailylike Canada 

fabrics for my ambassador goodie box! 

- pull fabrics for a couple mini custom oil pouches - and a few new RTS pouches! What colours & fabrics would you like to see? 


As you can see I’m still working on finishing up my customs. I will hopefully will have them crossed off my list during the first week of June though!! In the meantime I’m working on RTS & customs at the same time. 


On another note, I finally made myself an appointment with an optometrist for tomorrow morning, so we’ll see what kind of prescription I need! I ended up going with a very highly rated optometrist I found nearby, so it’s not exactly cheap but after hearing a few stories about regretting going cheap, I went for highly rated instead. We do have a *little* coverage through Dh, so it’s better than nothing.


I’ve never had glasses before but think I definitely need them for tv. I watch/read foreign shows/movies mostly, and fuzzy words suck! My sunglasses are wire rimmed, copper aviators, so I think I’ll probably go for lightweight in a copper’ish or coloured metal if possible... guess I’ll see what looks good & doesn't break the bank!  


Well on that note, I need to get my day started! Hope yours is wonderful! 

Well... I did it!! I finally did it!!



It's taken me quite a while to get to this point, but I'm officially closing customs. At this point, I have absolutely no plans of reopening them. This makes me feel pretty freaking awesome!! I have a list of items that I need to get crossed off of my list before I'm 100% "free" so to speak. But I'm excited to be able to finally sew on my own terms, with my own creativity, with my own fabric choices, so on and so forth. 

Why am I moving to RTS (Ready to Ship) rather than custom? Here's the jist of it... 

Let's say a customer msg's me wanting a wallet made with pinks & yellows. I will then ask a few questions about their likes, dislikes, personal style, etc... I get a reply, then I pull fabrics. Customer then ok's or vetoes fabric choices - this can go on, and on for hours, and worse, days sometimes. Photos back and forth and often times what the customer ends up choosing is 100% in the opposite direction of what they originally asked for, and often times another style of wallet which means I'm back to square one as different wallets need different quantities of fabric.

Assume that the average consult time is 4 hours or so, starting with the first message, our back & forth PM's, my having to pull fabrics, arrange fabrics, take photos of fabrics, edit photos if needed, send back photos, etc... then rinse & repeat. Then payment,  I refused to chase someone for payment, so if payment is not made after all of that, I cross them off my list and move on. But how frustrating is it for me to have just wasted all that time!? And trust me, this has happened to me time and time again. 

Custom work is so incredibly time consuming. I know many who refuse to do custom work, and I've finally realized that I need to take back my time and my life. 

Whereas with RTS, in that 4+ hours of time with an undecided customer, I could have instead had two wallets completely made, photographed, edited, and usually even sold in that time frame. But with a custom, I'm often left waiting on a reply, before I can even begin an order. Then if they change their mind or "forget", I've just wasted 4+ hours on someone who wanted to "window shop". My time is quite valuable to me and to my family & friends, so I'm at that point where I refuse to give up that precious time to others who don't value my time as much I do. 

I do have a handful of long-term, *amazing* customers whom I will still create items for. (You probably know who you are) I'm sorry if this sounds unfair, but I've built friendships with them, and there is a mutual respect which has been built. These are the customers who have shown themselves to fully, 100% understand and respect the time & effort that goes into a custom order. And they're concise. I know I won't have to spend hours pulling fabrics and texting back & forth for hours on end. They won't disappear after I've spent the time with them working on their order. They won't put off payment for a week or "forget". They trust me & my fabric choices completely. I absolutely don't mind a custom order where I'm simply told, "I would love a wallet with this fabric for the exterior, and anything you choose for the interior." Payment is sent right away and I can get to work! Those customers are amazing and I'll be forever grateful for them!!!!

Another thing with RTS is that a lot of my customers actually *prefer* to shop from 'Ready to Ship' items as they know they're not concise on what they want, and when they see something and they just *know* it's what they've been looking for!  

Overall I think, and hope this will be a win/win for everyone! It's nothing personal, it's simply me taking back my time and my sanity. That can only be a good thing! 

On that note, it's a beautiful day & I'd like to enjoy it, so I'm off! 

Thanks for taking the time to read! :) I do hope to update my blog more often now that I'm taking back my time! 

Almost there...

3 more days until my final show... I still can't believe that I booked myself in 3 shows within a 2 week span. That's pretty much insane, but the end is near and I'm starting to feel a huge sense of relief!! 

Today I finished up another 7 NCW's which leaves me with a BIG bag FULL of gorgeous cork leather NCW's! Lots of styles, definitely something for everyone I hope everyone loves them at my show! 

Everything left after this show will be listed on my page starting from the 13th onwards. There will be LOTS of photos to take, so it may take me all week to get items up, but they'll get up anyways! So if you're not local and you've had your eye on anything in particular, be sure to follow me on FB to see whether your item will be left! 

I think in all I have around 28 for this show? I've been PM'ed and msg'ed so much about these that I know I'll be creating more after the show, especially in certain prints! 









Next up on my list is a handful of my Slimline Wallets, hopefully a few bright & fun keyfobs, and then I'm done! No time to create anything else! But I do have lots of beautiful items with a huge variety and price points! So I'm quite happy with what I've accomplished! 

I pulled out my Day Designer again tonight to get back on track with my day to day life. I haven't been using it over the last few weeks as my days have been filled with so much sewing, I really didn't see a point to let myself down with a full "to do" list and no time to accomplish any of it. LOL!! So, I'm sitting down tonight and getting back to a schedule, and that makes my little "Type A" heart happy! 

Dinner for myself tonight will be an omelet with local pork and veggies, along with a GF bun. Simple & easy. I need to take a look at our budget for the month and see what expenses we have coming up so I can plan for them accordingly. 

This year I decided to treat myself and hired a retired man who lives a few houses down to tend to our yardwork for us. He'll cut the grass, weed, and seed the lawn for the summer. He's worth every penny and I'm so glad I won't have to stress out about it! And yes, I do have kids, but we don't own a mower and I'm quite happy with my decision, so no need to say "don't you have kids!?" 

Well on that note, I'm going to go sit out back for a while and enjoy this beautiful weather... I just can't get enough of it! I'll be back tomorrow with some pretties I made with my DailyLike Canada Ambassador goodies!! (Sooo cute!) 

Enjoy your evening!