Weekly Goals... Oct.8-14th

  1. 071BD4AF-34D4-4897-BC8A-3744E6B90872Sort through my clothes for a big donation. My goal is to get rid of anything I haven’t worn in the last year, all my current Pajamas (i’ve ordered new ones) not including my ROOTS onesies, donate most of my long sleeved shirts (they’re all older and have shrunk) donate any pants/jeans I haven’t worn or don’t find comfortable at all! A “minimalist” wardrobe would be ideal... I don’t think i’ll get there this time, but even just keeping my absolute favourites will be an improvement! 
  2. Cross at least 2 custom orders off my list. 
  3. Make items for both Merry Makers Fair & RTS on Saturday. On my list so far: Large oil pouches, boxy pouches, chapstick fobs, cork passport wallets. 
  4. Finish reading my book. (A Dog’s Purpose) *Very sweet book, easy read, but teary*
  5. Don’t shop online for ‘stuff’. I’ve been horrible lately for shopping online... it’s just to quick & easy to do! Ack!! 
  6. Post Office Run. I have a huge bag FULL of orders which I want out tomorrow (hopefully) if the weather is ok! 
  7. Visit Grandma (in law) with the kids. Things have been so busy lately and it always seems to be one thing or another, but I need to get there for a nice visit! I’d like to bake something to bring with us as well! 
  8. Try to post more on Instagram. 2 posts a day. I find it so easy to post on FB and I don’t feel like “perfection” is expected on FB. But when it comes to IG, if my photos aren’t *picture perfect*, I feel that they’re not good enough... so I don’t bother. *sigh* 
  9. Blog daily. Again,  i’ve been crazy busy and tired, so I don’t bother. I’m going to give myself permission to post even a quick & simple post daily, so I think I can do it. *fingers crossed* 
  10. Call my grandma for a nice, long chat this week.

And that’s it for me! Wish me luck... i’m going to print this out so I don’t forget about it in the next 30 minutes... lol!

On that note I’m off! We’re having our Thanksgiving dinner today and I have lots to do seeing as i’m hosting! Enjoy your weekend everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers!! 

Tuesday Things...


I’m really tired, lethargic & achy today... I haven’t slept well the last few nights at all, (Unlike Chester, who has no issues with sleeping) so I’ve more or less just taken it easy today and got some stuff done around the house. I intended on sewing more today, but I just don’t have it in me today unfortunately. 

I finished sewing a handful of mini oil pouches this morning, then spent the afternoon editing photos that needed done. I still have a handful or two left, which i’ll finish tonight so I can finally cross that off my list. Editing is soo time consuming, so it’s taken a while to get them all done. But i’m *this* close, and i’ll be happy to have them done! Yay for me and yay for them!!

I was going to walk to Canada Post today to mail an order, but again, tired, so I had my order picked up from Canada Post. I promised my customer that it would go out express today, so one way or another I had to get it on the way! I also found a big plastic bin to keep my items in for the Merry Makers Fair in November. So far I have the following set aside... 

  • 2 mini oil pouches 
  • 5 straw pouch sets 
  • 7 coffee sleeves 

Granted it’s a small start, but it’s a start! The show is on November 11th, so I have plenty of time and I figure as long as I work on stuff most days of the week i’ll be in find shape by the time the show hits. I plan on making items for my show at the same time i’m working on RTS (Ready to Ship) items all month. As it gets closer to November, I may just focus on show stuff, but i’ll see how i’m sitting when the end of the month draws nearer. 

It’s 7:16pm and I still need to make myself dinner, I have to make Dh’s lunch and get it packed for work, there’s laundry to be folded, sorted & put away, I have an Amazon order that I need to place, then i’ll shower and read away the rest of the night... if there’s any night left after i’m done all of that. *wink* 

On that note i’m off... I hope everyone had a nice day! 



What are you currently reading?

My New Favourite Service...



I’m totally loving this service! I tried it for the first time a few days ago & was *very* happy with the service! We desperately needed some groceries in the house, and I had zero time to get out & shop and still get everything done that I needed to accomplish throughout the day.

I have had this service in the back of my mind for the last couple months but just told myself, “Don’t be silly, you can do your own shopping, don’t be lazy!”. 

Yes, my self pep talks obviously need some improvement. *sigh* 

Anyway, I caved. I signed up with Instacart, filled up my cart, put in my information, chose my delivery time and hit ‘place order’. This was late Sunday night, but no word of a lie, my groceries were at my door by 9:20 am the next morning!! I was sitting on the couch and had just finished cutting out a huge stack of coffee sleeves. So while I worked, my groceries had been shopped for & delivered to my door with zero time or effort on my part. 


For the size of my first large order, the service fee’s were just under $7.00 (shopping fee) and since I signed up for a free 2 week trial my delivery was FREE!! 

A couple of things... 

  1. Being the “Type A” type person I am, my husband even *worse* when it comes to grocery shopping, I was worried that they wouldn’t check any of the expiration dates. They were all fine, as far in advance as i’d have expected. I specifically asked my shopper if she checked them and her reply was that she *always* checks them.
  2. Produce. This made me the most nervous... that my produce would get here and look like it was on its last legs. Absolutely no worries here either. My produce was “picture perfect”. Literally. 
  3. Substitutions. If the grocery store is out of a product, you have a choice to “do not replace” or “replace with a suitable substitute”. I decided to trust my girl and let her substitute. There were 3 items which needed to be substituted. Potatoes, they were out of the small bag, so she upsized. Fusilli was replaced with Rotini (same brand) and some Furlani garlic herb buns were substituted with Garlic & Cheddar biscuits (same brand). So all perfectly acceptable substitutions and probably what I would have done as well. 



After my 2 week trial is up, membership is $99 for a full year which covers your delivery fee for an entire year. Delivery rates for Instacart start at $3.99 per delivery with a minimum order of $35.00. You can tip at the door or online. I’ve tipped $5.00 at the door both times. 

Overall, I think i’m going to use this service a LOT and am 99% sure i’m going to go for the yearly membership. It honestly takes me 2-3 hours to do my shopping (depending on where I go) and since I don’t drive it takes even longer with buses, cabs, so on and so forth. I can get a lot of work done in 2-3 hours, so for myself, my time is ABSOLUTELY work the service fee and a tip! That and I hate grocery shopping. It also will cut down on “impulse buys” from wandering up & down the aisles, across the store when I forget something, ugh. 

My plan is to take inventory of what’s in the house every week, check the flyer for SuperStore (the store I chose my items from), menu plan, fill my cart and get my groceries delivered to my door every week! While someone else is taking care of my grocery shopping I can spend time with my kids, work, clean the house, take care of social media, email, etc... in other words, I can do other things on my list which need my attention and which i’d rather spend my time doing (yes, even housework). I’d rather clean the kitchen than cook too for the record. LOL!! 

This is going to be a sanity saver for me & worth every single penny!!  

On that note, I need to get to work! I have busy day ahead of me... 


How about you? Have you ever, or would you consider using a grocery delivery service?