I ain't saying she's a 'goal digger'...



Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty uneventful, we had a horrible ice storm so I stayed put with the kids. Dh braved the weather to go to a record show, but since ice is not my friend, I decided that staying in was the best thing for me! 

This week I'm going to make a list of 10 goals to accomplish before next Sunday night rolls around! I figure it'll keep me on the straight n' narrow and help my focus stay where it should be! So, without further ado, we we go! 

  1. Complete 10 linen Slimline Wallets & take photos of my stock thus far.
  2. Complete a handful of cork passport wallets & bifold wallets.
  3. Make a *minimum* of 30 oil pouches for my craft fairs. 
  4. Shop for & purchase Mya's birthday presents. Her birthday is on the 26th, so I need to get it in gear! 
  5. Read a new book. My last read was "A Thousand Splendid Suns" & it was fabulous! Not sure what I'll choose, I have a pile of books on my dresser, and child #2 has quite the collection of books, so I'll have plenty to choose from! I'll share what I decide to read tomorrow! 
  6. Make myself a little daily housework list. Nothing that will take hours on end to accomplish, but a list of "dailies" that need done and will probably save my sanity in the end. 
  7. Create a meal plan for the week. I would really love to make this a new habit as it really is a sanity saver!
  8. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. Going to get myself an APP for this one! 
  9. Use my "Flow Timer" APP to log work hours & concentrate on work sessions. 
  10. Blog daily. Even if it's just a short & simple post, I find it helps to get my thoughts out, maybe not for everyone else, hahaha! But it helps me! 

Well, there you have it! Nothing earth shattering, but a good list for me all the same!


Do you have any goals for the week? 

I hate to do this... however...


I hate to do this because it honestly makes me feel terribly guilty, however, with 3 craft fairs on the horizon I need to focus on getting my work done & not replying to messages which are "needs & wants" from others. My sewing isn't a "hobby", it's a real job, and it puts food on the table for my family. So when I'm having to spend time replying to emails and PM's which have absolutely nothing to do with my life/business, but for yours, it's taking away precious time that I desperately need to reclaim. I don't like 12 hour sewing days. They suck. 

I need to spend time with my kids when I'm not working, I need to do housework when I'm not working, I need to sneak in  even just 10 minutes to simply "relax" when I'm not working. 

I feel like I'm failing in so many areas of my life right now, so unless you are on my "friends & family" list, or we have something "in progress", I'm afraid I won't be replying to your message right now. My customs are closed, and honestly it's all I can do to handle what's on my current day to day list. 

Things will settle down for me at the end of May, but until then, I'll be unavailable for things that Google is quite capable of handling. Please forgive me, but I need to do this for my self-preservation and all around sanity. 

Thank-you for understanding! 

My day in a nutshell...


Today was a productive day, which makes me quite happy!

I managed to get another 6 NCW's well on the way: 

  • Cork cut 
  • Fabric ironed 
  • Fabric cut 
  • Interfacing cut 
  • Interfacing ironed 
  • Card flaps done 
  • Zipper sections done
  • Interior flaps done with magnets 

I received my interfacing order that I desperately needed, so tomorrow I'll be doing exterior flaps and hopefully finishing them off! That'll give me an even 18 NCW's done & ready for my shows. I have a week between each show so I plan on "topping up" my table for each show! The first show is a "Pop-Up Shop", which I've never done, so I have absolutely no idea how much stock I should even bring with me. 

I also received a couple pkgs of Chrome Schmetz Professional size 16 needles I ordered from Stitch in the Ditch, (if you're sewing my Slimline Wallets or NCW's, leather/denim needles will save you a huge headache with the thick layers!) a whole bunch of pretty zippers from ZipperStop, a big bag of magnetic snaps I use for my Slimline Wallets from Amazon, then some gorgeous purple & teal Art Gallery Fabrics and my Peltex interfacing from Funky Monkey Fabrics. A good mail day I must say! 

Do you ever find such an amazing deal you don't believe your luck!? Well that Peltex interfacing above I generally pay about $12.00 & tax & shipping for. So, when all is said and done, about $20.00/yard with shipping. Ugh! Well, I was browsing Amazon last week and found a bolt of it (10 yards) for $11.00 & change! SERIOUSLY!? 

It wasn't in stock so I had no idea when I would get it, but I didn't really care for that price, so I threw it in my cart & checked out. I just received notice it'll be in on Friday! Woot!! I'm quite happy with this find and glad I won't have to purchase for quite a while! Yay for me! 



On another note, poor Mya has Strep throat. Again. Child #2 just had another chest infection too, this is all within what, 5 weeks or something? I can't wait for spring, we need fresh air and warmth and sunshine!! 

Thankfully Lady Luck was on our side today at the clinic. We walked in & I asked for a certain Dr, we were told she had just finished her shift and would be leaving but the nurse offered to ask if she'd see us. 2 minutes later we were sitting in the room with the Dr! We were in & out of the clinic in 15 minutes flat with a prescription! Never in my entire life has that happened, it seriously made my entire day! Hahaha!! So including the cab to & from the clinic, we were gone maybe 30 minutes tops! That's just incredible... lol! 

It's nice and quiet here right now, well, except for the cats fighting. Mya's in bed, child #2 had a migraine and is in bed, Dh doesn't feel well so is cabbing to work later, Maria's playing Wii downstairs until bedtime, and I'm sitting here thinking of what i still need to do before my head hits the pillow...

  1. Make Dh's lunch 
  2. Run dishwasher 
  3. Tidy living room 
  4. Check flyer & write grocery list for tomorrow 
  5. Write out loose budget for the month (yes, I'm way late) 
  6. Reply to some PM's, emails, etc.. I'm WAY behind. If I owe you a message, I apologize. 
  7. Pkg a couple items to mail tomorrow! (2 giveaways!) 

I'm feeling better about life than I was last night thankfully... I understand that some people will truly never know how much time and hard work goes into "handmade", and it's not my job to convince them, or explain to them why I can't magically whip up something at a moments notice. So I'm over it.

I figure if you don't like me or my business practices, well, that's ok, "What you think of me is none of my business" seems to be my motto in life... haha!! 

On that note, I'm off to get some of those items above crossed off my list, enjoy your night!