Sunday ponderings...


Today was a good day... 

  • A nice chunk of housework was done & clutter was removed!
  • Freshly baked bread was made & turned out perfectly!
  • I have a stack of pkgs ready to go in the mail tomorrow. 
  • We had my Father in Law over for dinner and had a nice visit. 
  • I started reading a new book (The Happiness Project) I needed something “light” for now, this will do the trick I think. 
  • I made a couple small sales on my page (yay!) 
  • I didn’t cry. 
  • I have my “to do” list for tomorrow ready to go with some concrete goals for the week.  
  • I ordered a bunch of cat food to last for the next couple of weeks (Amazon) 
  • I almost hit my “goal steps”, I should be able to before bedtime rolls around anyways! 
  • My aunt stopped by this morning to pick up an order and gave me a sympathy card with a beautiful poem and memento in it that helped her when her mom passed. 
  • We were gifted some amazing smelling cinnamon buns & cupcakes from a friend who owns a bakery and spoils us (eep!) 
  • My friends checked in on me, and have been checking in on me daily to make sure i’m “Ok” and encourage me.

Overall it was a nice & relaxed day. I am blessed. 

On that note... I think it’s probably time for me to say “good bye” to this blog soon. I don’t think anyone really reads any longer. With all the social media out there, it’s hard to keep up with it all honestly. I’m not sure that I want to put in the effort any longer... I think blogs may be a thing of the past unfortunately. 

I’ll think about it anyways. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!