10 Quick Things...

Weekend things.... so far, so good! (Updates)


Good morning! I'm starting my day off with a huge coffee and mind-boggling "to do" list for the weekend... i'm hoping that the kids & I can get a lot crossed off of my list together and I've promised them a little "cash bonus" if they're especially helpful this weekend! It's amazing what a little bit of spending money will do to motivate! Oldest needs new art supplies, another is saving for a new video game and this would put her over the top, youngest will just use it for whatever i'm sure, she likes to have spending $ when we're out & about "just in case".

Yesterday I called the Diabetes Association for a donation pick-up and they gave me a date of Oct.31st, so we have a full week to continue decluttering and gathering items from the house! So far we have the following ready to donate:

  • Box of DVD's.
  • Big box of kitchen stuff - dishes, glasses, odds & ends, etc...
  • Big bag of clothes.

And with any luck we'll have more before the 31st arrives! I'll track how much & what we're donating and post again before months end!


Now onto my "lists" for the weekend...

On my sewing list i'd love to cross the following off my list before Monday rolls around...

  1. Clean & oil my JUKI. It needs some love.
  2. Begin STB - Sew Together Bag (Custom)
  3. Complete patchwork pencil pouches for craft fair - I have 9 panels complete, i'll probably add a 10th. They all need zippers added, lining fabrics picked out & cut, then assembled.
  4. An "extra" of some sort for my IG Heather Ross swap mini quilt.
*Mya asked to help me clean my JUKI... she did a good job too!


And a bit more help...



And on my own personal list...

  1. Clear emails. Reply, delete, sort, etc...
  2. Fall photo shoot. Edit a *few* pics for a sneak peek.
  3. Check on refund status of a gift I purchased online and was returned/refunded, not by me. This was an absolute mess of a transaction (on the stores end!) and in the end I had to hunt down my purchase in store where it was returned, and go pick it up!
  4. Menu plan for the week. I spent a fortune on groceries yesterday so there's a lot in the house to work with.
  5. Search for thermal curtains x2. We need a set for the front of the house & a set for the back patio doors. They're quite pricey so i'm hoping to find a deal. And no, not going to make them. Not everything is 'cheaper to make'. I found 2 sets on Amazon with 5 star ratings. They're going to cost $100.00+ but I think in the long run it'll be worth it. The sheers and light weight cotton curtains just don't cut it!
  6. Plan out next week in my "Happy Planner". Absolutely LOVING this planner, worth every penny!

And now for the "everyone can help" list...

  1. Laundry - probably 4 loads that need done this weekend. Start to finish! 2 loads done/in progress...
  2. Scrub upper bathroom & declutter/organize cupboards.
  3. Scrub lower bathroom.
  4. Clean & wipe out fridge, re-pkg & sort meat to freeze.
  5. Sweep & mop kitchen floor.
  6. Clean living room.
  7. Dust living room.
  8. Sweep/vacuum living room.
  9. Clean & declutter back room in basement.
  10. Sort & declutter front hallway closet. Put away light jackets, sunhats, summer shoes, etc... Decide on organization shelf/baskets. *I want something so we each have our own "basket" type deal for hats, mitts, scarves, etc... as of now they all get tossed on the top shelf, but it's a mess and a pain. Nothing is organized, Mya can't reach up there, and nobody can ever find anything. I've decided to purchase 3 small baskets from the $ store for the top shelf. The youngest 2 girls will use a basket on the floor of the closet.
  11. Youngest two need to clean their bedroom top to bottom.
  12. Set up new convection toaster oven.
  13. Tidy & declutter front room shelf. Looks much better! Was able to toss some stuff, etc...
  14. Tidy & sweep bedroom.
  15. Declutter top 2 drawers in dresser - one is for my misc stuff.. papers, notes, small gifts, etc... the other is socks, camisoles, etc...
  16. Help the girls go through their clothes - organize & purge. Donate what doesn't fit, pack away any spring/summer clothes left in their drawers. A large bag has been packed & waiting for warmer weather once again.

And I think that about covers it... needless to say I won't be around much this weekend! Wish me luck, i'm probably going to need it!


What are you up to this weekend?