'Tis the Season...
Patty Sloniger "Bake Shop" Goodness!

Monday... it has been filled!

"Little Red" keychain made with cork leather!


Good Morning! I can't believe that we're nearing the end of November, and I have to say, It seems to have flown by in a blur! My main goals this month were to be done with my customs and to be finished with my Christmas shopping! I think i'm very close on being able to cross both off of my list for the month!

My customs will be completed on December 1st! Thursday is the last slot I had filled with sewing, so after that order is complete & picked up, I have no more customs on my list! I plan on focusing my efforts on the upcoming Merry Makers Christmas Fair along with a handful of RTS items in case anyone wants to pick up some Christmas gifts throughout the month! Other than that, customs will be on a "do I feel like it basis" for December. I am aiming for a stress free month, so having no customs on my list and my shopping (hopefully) done, that's a big relief on my end!

I think late tonight (depending on my energy level) or tomorrow i'm going to empty out my closet & pull out everything that i've purchased so far to see what, if anything else I need! I just ordered a box of dark chocolates from Purdys this morning for Gma, we need to pick up a G.C for my FIL and I need to make a few gifts. I may need a few more stocking stuffers, but other than this, i'm pretty sure that i'm done and will definitely be sure to have everything crossed off my list by December 1st!

Last night I sat down with my "Happy Planner" and planned out the last few days of November, and as I figured, they 'runneth over', but tis the season for everyone I think!

Today I have list ready to go which consists of the following:

  • Housework - Lots of it, but so much clutter from Christmas decorating, since we're in a smaller house we don't have as much room as we used to, so we're picking & choosing what to display this year! So we need to finish decorating and put the rest back in the basement. Then the 'usual' stuff needs done, bathrooms, sweeping, dusting, etc...
  • Local pick-up at 10:00 am for sewing/custom.
  • Laundry - I have a load waiting to be folded & put away.
  • Sewing - NCW & a matching keyfob. *Note to self: Print shipping label on Paypal!
  • Banking - I need to even out our accounts, move $$ from PP to my bank account, and see if I can tuck some $$ into savings. Since I put my savings on hold in October while I shopped for Christmas my savings accounts haven't seen any love. I hope to add a chunk of change today after I figure out the last of our Christmas shopping!
  • Budget - I need to whip up a new budget for January onwards. Our rent is increasing by $50.00/month (*sigh*) so I need to account for that... and I need a new timeline for house hunting as well! I'd still like to add more to our down payment, (another $5K would be awesome) but I don't know that I want to stay here until all of my savings goals are full either. Why are these decisions so hard!?
  • Canada Post run - I have a big pile of pkg'es that need mailed out today, however I'm hoping that child #2 will run out for me so I can stay home and work on my 'to do' list. Running to the post office will take an hour out of my day and I have so many things that I could do with that hour instead.
  • Make my sewing list for the Merry Makers Christmas Fair. I have a new plan in mind for this one, just need to get it down on paper and figure out how much sewing per day I need to do in order to accomplish it!
  • Continue working on custom epp hexie pouch. *This is my evening sewing project as it's the perfect "slow sewing" project for evenings!

I think that covers most of my list for today... and the younger 2 kids are up so I should feed them and get my day in motion! The joys of hs'ing means no rushing around like mad while trying to shuffle them out the door at 7 am... they can sleep when they need it! It's a good thing! Love my having my kids home with me!

Anyways, have a fabulous day!!


How was your November?

Did you accomplish all you had hoped?