Weekend Happenings...

Maria is trying to earn some $$...

Maria has decided that she would love to purchase the new Nintendo Switch that is out... however, I have already finished shopping for her birthday and Christmas is a LONG ways off. So she's taken to saving her allowance and selling off some games she doesn't play as often to build up some savings towards her goal! 

She researched the new prices on Amazon.ca and wrote them all down... *these are the prices before 13% tax. 

Wii U Zelda Wind Waker $70-$80
Wii U Kirby Rainbow Curse $63.60
Wii Barbie Groom Glam Pups $25.00
Wii Pokemon Battle Revolution $67.96
3DS Super Mario Bros 2 $34.96
3DS Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 $49.99
3DS Kirby Planet Robobot $49.96
3DS Pokemon Omega Ruby $43.20
DS MarioKart $44.00
DS Super Mario Bros $20.00

She is open to *reasonable* offers, shipping is *not* included. 






I'll keep you updated on her progress, she's very excited, but that system comes at a hefty price ($399.99 Cdn) ouch! And that doesn't include any games... *faint* But i'm proud of her for knowing that you earn and save for what you want in life! So I'm crossing my fingers that she saves well and can earn this for herself! :) 

Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for taking a peek!