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I'm still here!!

A pretty combo...

Fair warning, I'm exhausted, so this is going to be a short post...

Fabrics: "Charleston" by Amy Sinibaldi - purchased at Country Clothesline.

Pattern: It's my new "Patchwork Linen Pencil Pouch" pattern minus the linen and substitute natural cork with gold flecks.

Zipper charm: My sister made it.

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Button: Etsy.








Merry Makers Fair is next Sunday and I need to make the very most of the week ahead which means I need to be uber productive and avoid distractions. Tomorrow I may pull out everything out that I have made so far, just so I can do a 'once over' and see what I still need. I avoided making little fussy items as I generally don't make those anyways, so I know I have lots of pouches and wallets and wristlets. When I first started the Merry Maker craft fairs people told me to make lower priced items, fussy little items, etc.. but that's not me. So I decided to stay true to my own style and stuck to what I usually sew, instead of adding in a bunch of fussy little low cost things that I don't make any other time.

Today I finished 4 cork NCW's and I have fabrics pulled for 6 more. I'm hoping to finish them on Wednesday which would leave me a few days for other items... which I'll decide on soon!!

On that note I'm off to find something to eat - my meals have definitely been an "afterthought" lately... oops!

Enjoy your evening!