Running on empty...
Mya, my little fashion obsessed diva... lol!

April Goals...


It's been a while since I've set monthly goals, but I think this is the month to pick up this habit once again! It'll help give me focus and direction.

So without further ado here are a handful (or two!) of goals that I'd love accomplish this month!

  1. Be 90% ready for the Spring Merry Makers Fair on May 7th! I'd like to have most of my sewing complete and ready to go! If I have a few last minute items to make, I won't beat myself up about it, but I do need to have the majority of my sewing done!!
  2. Declutter & organize each room. Make a half decent sized donation to the Canadian Diabetes Association!
  3. Have our slush fund sitting at approximately $1K (hopefully no lower) at months end! This is going to prove interesting with my customs currently closed but hopefully I'll have some RTS sales to help with this!
  4. Take the girls to see "Beauty & The Beast". I went the other night with child #2 and we absolutely loved it!! Now Mya & Maria would love to see it as well. I have a gift card to cineplex with some $$ left on it, so it'll be a free activity for us! Just need to do it!
  5. Finish sewing for Spring Quilt Market and get the box of goodies in the mail!!
  6. Pack away winter wear: Coats, boots, hats, mitts, so on and so forth. For 6 of us it takes up SO MUCH ROOM in our front hall closet, it's insane. And since the weather keeps bouncing back and forth we have jackets and footwear in our closet for nice weather and -20c weather. It's been an interesting season to say the least!!
  7. Finish planning the girls birthdays. We have 2 birthdays this month on the 12th and the 26th! Exactly 2 weeks apart and we have plans for both that need finalizing and budgeted for!
  8. This one is a tough one for me, but purchase ***NO MORE*** fabric this month. I just splurged on some new Alice in Wonderland fabric yesterday and also had to purchase another bolt of interfacing as I'm running low on my lightweight which I use for 90% of my items! (Cha-Ching!!)
  9. Get our taxes filed & in!! Will be good to get this crossed off of my "to do" list as our life insurance policy is due *very* soon, and we pay it off yearly with our tax refund. If we don't receive our refund on time that'll take a huge chunk out of our slush fund.
  10. Start Instagram swap items! I'm currently in 2 IG swaps (hosting one!) and need to get these in progress... fabrics pulled, projects started!
  11. Choose & complete project for friends book release! This is due May 1st!
  12. Finish first months design team work for DailyLike Canada!
  13. Make a couple of items with the adorable ADORNit! fabrics I received!

It looks like I'm going to have to start sewing in the evenings along with my day time sewing hours. I have so much to do and there's no way on earth I can fit everything in during the daylight hours I have. Soo... I'll have to change my evenings around so I can spend a few hours in front of my machine later in the night after the kids are in bed. Which I honestly don't love to do as I'm exhausted by the time the evening hours roll around, but tis life!

On that note I'm off to get stuff done! Lots and lots to do today... enjoy your day everyone!!