April Goals...

Mya, my little fashion obsessed diva... lol!

With spring and summer weather (hopefully) on the way, Mya has been itching for some new clothes! Her very favourite place to shop is Carters, so the other night she was online browsing and showing me all her favourites. She's a shopper. What can I say... whereas Maria couldn't care less about shopping. If she has a drawer of clean clothes to wear, she's happy and doesn't care if her tshirts are 3 years old if they still fit.

Mya however takes after my mom and is into "fashion", she definitely loves to know what's new and what's "in". When her friends are over they'll literally go through her clothing and pick outfits for her to wear... lol! It's hilarious! 



Mya wants everyone to know she's really a "kitten".


Anyways, she was showing me all of her favourites online and I noticed that even the little plain knit shorts started at $14 for her size... and she was really hoping for a new skirt or two as well. I'm tallying it up in my head and thinking to myself, "there is no way we're going to walk out of Carters spending less than $100.00+!" That doesn't fare well for our budget this month as I have 2 birthdays to pay for, so I suggested we check out the Goodwill before we head to Carters. 

We had some errands to run yesterday and the girls were itching to get new books from the library, so we bundled up and headed out for a couple of hours. It's been cold & rainy for the last few days... coats are still needed! 

Well we totally lucked out at the Goodwill and you simply cannot beat their prices... we found 2 adorable frilly skirts from H&M that were *brand new and had never been worn*! We also found 2 pairs of gently used shorts and a denim skort from Carters, which I don't have to tell you made Mya's day! These 5 items came to a grand total of $15.00, no taxes. With these she was a very happy little girl! I was sure to explain to her that had she of chosen Carters she would have only gotten 1 pair of shorts instead of a bag full of 'new' shorts & skirts! 

She's wearing one of the frilly skirts over her leggings todays, so she's already getting some use out of them! And they are just the sweetest things! 



She still needs a couple pairs of summer pjs or nightgowns, but I'm going to hold out for now and watch for sales. I rarely luck out with Pj's at the Goodwill for her, so I'll wait and see what I can find in the next month or so! 

Other than this little shopping trip, I think everyone is set for the warm weather ahead which is a good thing! This is my great deal for the week and I know she'll get a tonne of use out of these items. 

On that note I'm off to work on my "to do" list for the day... thanks for peeking in! 


Do you thrift shop?

Have you found any great deals lately?