A pretty combo...
A new product added to my line up...

I'm still here!!


I'm sorry for neglecting my little space here but I've been soo very busy and working on my handmade hustle during the last week leading up to the Merry Makers Fair yesterday that I really didn't do much of anything but sew from morning till night!!

Here's everything that I had at my booth yesterday just so you know how hard I've been working!!

  • 12 cork slimlines
  • 7 cork bottom pouches
  • 9 patchwork pouches
  • 3 curvy pouches
  • 14 "On the go" cork wristlets
  • Quilted Keyfobs
  • 10 cork NCW's
  • 10 Clematis wristlets
  • 16 cork passport wallets
  • 18 men's cork wallets
  • 20 single cork card wallets
  • 19 Folding cork wallets
  • 10 cork zipper coin purses
  • 30+ Snap cork pouches
  • 8 linen Slimline Wallets
  • 6 Ruffled Wristlets
  • 3 Mini Slimline Wallets

Thankfully the craft fair was a HUGE success for me and it paid off in spades! I was so nervous closing customs for 6 weeks, but it was absolutely worth it and gave me the confidence to move more towards doing *LESS* custom work and *MORE* RTS (Ready to Ship) items and stocking in a couple of new shops!

One of the shops is at a booth at the Western Fair here in London, Ont. I'll have a shelf in the Merry Makers booth and you'll be able to find my items there every Saturday from 8am - 3pm!!

I'm so grateful for all the support people showed to me by showing up to say hi, to support my handmade business and even rooting for me across the oceans! It's truly awesome and I'm in awe!!

Back to customs here for a few minutes... customs take a LOT of time & energy! Sometimes customers want to choose every single little detail almost down to the thread colour! This can be not only defeating, but so very time consuming as well. And not all their choices work out all the time either, something online can look far different than it does "in person", especially when my advice is ignored regard colour choices and fabric patterns. Some customs can take me MANY HOURS before I'm even able to start working on the item they've ordered!! The back and forth through messages and emails, the fabric pulls, then taking photos, editing photos, sending photos back and forth, switching out this fabric for that fabric then working out payment details etc... not all customs are like this thankfully, but a lot are, and I'm finding that it just sucks up too much precious time in my day that my kids need me.

So my goal is to put my all into ready made items and focus on shop sales for the summer and then re-evaluate in late August to see how things are going. If i totally flop however I reserve the right to totally change my mind 100%! Hahaha! But I am really hoping that I can pull this off because it will give me so much more time with my kids, less stress and less time glued to my devices! I will probably do the odd custom, especially from some of my customers who are "regulars" and amazing to work with, but not *nearly* as many as I have been doing.

Well on that note, I really need to work on my *Tiny Florals Anonymous* swap item or else I'm going to be late with my own swap!! Eek! How horrible would that look!!??

Ok.. I'm off! I will now return to regular blogging as well... enjoy your evening!