Not so easy come, but definitely easy go...
Making money, spending money...

Happy Homemaker Monday!



I haven't played along with Sandra from Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for a while, so I thought I'd join in today! Here we go! 


It's grey, gloomy, especially humid, rainy, and calling for thunderstorms this afternoon with more rain tonight. Not so lovely, but that's ok as it's one of the only days I have at home this week, so I need to hustle to get everything done! 

Right now I am: 

I just finished eating a piece of GF banana cake for breakfast and am about to cut interfacing for 2 wallet orders I need to complete today! 

On my Reading Pile: 

"The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks. Not that I have much time to read it, but I need to get it done before we move so I can donate it as I've packed up the rest of my books and left this one out! 

Movies/shows I watched: 

Hmm... this week I watched a few espisodes of "Flea Market Flip" and a couple episodes of "House Hunters International". That's it.. not much time for tv. 

On the Menu: 

Tonight I'm making spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic Parmesan bread for Dh & kids. Child #2 and myself eat different meals because of food allergies and I never know what I'm going to be eating. I'm waiting on a local, natural pork order, so something yummy from that I hope!! I'm trying to use up what's in the house and keeping our spending to a minimum. Not that it's actually happening that way, but I'm trying all the same! 

On my To Do list: 

I'm managed to cross off about half of the items on my list today, but still need to do the following:

  • 2 Slimeline Wallets
  • Cut fabrics for keyfobs 
  • Pull a fabric combo for an Essential Oil Pouch custom order 
  • Finish scrubbing lower bathroom 
  • Scrub upper bathroom 
  • Declutter under upper bathroom sink - this needs to be done WELL, so I hope to toss/donate most of what's under there!
  • Sweep my bedroom & clear dresser top.
  • Phone call - I've already made 4 so this may get shoved off until tomorrow
  • Fill in insurance forms for eyeglass claim. 
  • Walk to mailbox to mail said forms above! 

What I'm creating: 

Two cork leather slimline wallets. I want to have these complete today with photos posted so I really need to get to work! 



Looking Around the House:

It's a disaster. Truly. Boxes piled absolutely everywhere. Some packed, some half full, some just piled on top of each other waiting to be filled. There are piles of "stuff" to be donated, sold, tossed, etc... the only room in the house which is actually really clean and not cluttery is the downstairs washroom. Sad. But, that's life I suppose when you're moving half way across the country in 4 weeks! 

From the Camera: 

This popped up in Dh's FB feed last week... this photo is Dallas and Maria... I'd say this photo is about 13 years old. *SO* sweet... *sigh* 



What I'm wearing today: 

Same thing as yesterday. LOL! A navy Ten Tree V neck tshirt and a pair of Roots navy capri's. That's how I roll... plus I packed up most of my clothes already, so if it's clean, I'm wearing it again! 

One of my Simple Pleasures: 

Right now a simple pleasure is simply sitting in peace and quiet after everyone is asleep... being grateful for another productive day. Trying to keep my stress level on keel with this move and having faith that it'll all work out. 

Inspirational Quote: 

"If you take too long in deciding what to do with your life, you'll find you've done it."

George Bernard Shaw. 

And on that note I'm off to be productive and get my list checked off for the day! Have a wonderful day!