Good Morning!
Boxes anyone?

It's down pouring...


But I don't care, because after *seventeen* days the moving truck will finally be here today!! It will be so nice to finally get our stuff, start to unpack, sort, organize and settle in! It's been quite the challenge these last couple of weeks and it's trying for everyone. I can't wait to have my bed, more kitchen stuff, my sewing stuff, and the girls are soo excited for their belongings as well!

In about 2 hours the movers should have the truck in my driveway, ready to unload!

My goals for today:

  • Set up dining room table
  • Unpack & organize as much of the kitchen stuff as possible
  • Get the girls bedroom set up
  • Put together my sewing desk & hutch, then find & start unpacking my sewing stuff - I am so excited to create again! I have 4 custom orders on my list and plan to start making RTS (Ready to Ship) items next week as well!
  • Have a pile/spot for things to donate/sell. Not everything we brought with us is going to work here.

With Dh & child #2 still in Toronto - please send prayers, fairy dust, good thoughts, etc... things did not go as smoothly as we had hoped and there have been complications. I'm trying to hold it together and not lose it with being sooo far away, I figure the best thing I can do right now is focus on my girls and what needs done at hand.

On that note I'm off to eat some breakfast so I have energy for the long day ahead.

Have a wonderful day!