Boxes anyone?
September Goals...

Living out of boxes and other ramblings...

I meant to start blogging daily but things have been busy. However, things seem to be getting back to a somewhat normal routine? So with any luck my blogging will become a regular thing once again!

Dh is back to work tonight (so very grateful!) and I've started back with my sewing business as well! It's a huge adjustment here and things are going to be far tighter budget wise here than they were in Ontario, but we knew this. Now that we know Dh's wage & hours (not nearly the same as what they were in Ontario) we know how much I need to bring in every month to make ends meet. In Ontario my income was mostly 'extra', but here, it's an absolute must. I have faith that I can do it though, I've always worked hard and that won't stop now.

Getting used to a tight budget once again is going to take some time to get used to, and we're going to have to watch our pennies carefully. So I'm going to be tracking our spending in September, every penny. Or nickel I suppose now that Canada doesn't have pennies. I'll post more in a day or two with my September goals, etc...

In the end, it's a trade off I suppose. We are away from friends & family which is hard, but it is so insanely beautiful and peaceful here... everywhere we go we have a view of the ocean, or can simply go for a walk to collect shells, walk along the seashore & hang out at the ocean for a few hours. The neighborhood we now live in is absolutely amazing, we are truly blessed to have found this beautiful home in this incredible neighborhood. Every day my favourite sounds are the fog horn at night, the seagulls waking me up every morning & the Church bells ringing their melody at noon. As I'm sitting here writing this blog post, it's 8:30 at night and it is calm & peaceful. You don't hear people at night, you don't hear cars, you don't hear sirens, you don't hear people partying, you literally only hear the chirping of crickets.


I still have a good amount of unpacking & organizing to do, but it's hard to get everything done when we're waiting on furniture items to still be delivered. I also need to order a huge amount of coat hangers so we can start getting our closets organized as well. We did bring a BIG boxfull, but they'll be gone soon, so definitely need more. I'm *trying* to avoid purchasing even more furniture, but I think in the end I just may have to order a couple more things. But I'm waiting until I know for sure what I can do... maybe we can make do, we shall see.
I posted our boxes on Kijiji and I think that I should be able to give most of them away thankfully! I have 2 people who are supposed to pick some up so hopefully that happens tomorrow! I also have 4 or 5 boxes of "stuff" to donate, nothing has really sold yet, except a pair of boots which my mom snatched up! LOL!! She sent me $$ which I promptly turned around and ordered one of these from IKEA for my sewing projects! Thank-you mom!! Xox



I'm excited for this little gem!! It's going to tuck in between my sewing desk and the corner of my sewing room for current projects, orders, etc... once I receive my hutch and this and have my sewing room *exactly* the way I want it I'll share photos! Hopefully by next weekend or so!

Tomorrow I think I'm going to tackle the girls bedroom for a couple hours and see what I can accomplish. The main thing is to see if I can get their clothes organized in the closet - they have no dresser right now which is one thing that we brought with us, but unfortunately it doesn't fit. So, it's been repurposed as a game shelf and barbie keeper in their playroom downstairs. I'll snap some photos of their bedroom tomorrow and maybe some of my readers will have some good ideas for organizing their closet which are budget friendly!

Today Mya and I went for a 3 mile walk around town. It's funny getting used to a small town because honestly almost every single person you walk by smiles, nods or greets you. I need to make that a habit myself... it's really not the same in a city of 500,000K people. We walked to Canadian Tire to take back an air mattress that popped on us, I took Mya to Mr.Sub for lunch, we stopped by the library and popped into the thrift shop for a peek. On our way home we stopped by the most beautiful gift shop I've ever seen! It's filled with beautiful gift items and I'll definitely have to do some local Christmas shopping there when the time comes!




Mya of course wanted to move right in, honestly so did I.... the entire shop is a gorgeous, amazingly maintained Victorian home. Every square inch of it is maintained to perfection! Next time we stop by I'll try to get photos of some of the gorgeous items they sell. I purchased a small bottle of locally made Cape Breton maple syrup and resisted everything else I wanted and everything Mya begged for.

Well on that note, I'm going to sign off for the night, and see if I can't get a half decent nights sleep tonight!

Have a great night, thanks for stopping by!