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The days are long...


And my nights are far too short. I haven't adjusted to our "new life" here in Cape Breton and I can see that it's going to be a long haul, and definitely not as easy as I had thought. I don't even know what I really thought it would be like honestly, but it's different & difficult most days. It's my son's birthday in a few short days and that's hitting me really hard. I miss him something fierce and I so wish I could just jump on a plane and spend the day with him... *sigh*



Right now I'm currently working on completing my custom orders and then I need to accomplish some other projects which have taken a backseat to paid work. I think once I'm 'caught up' and have some of these other things off of my list, I'll feel better about life - I hope. But right now, I feel like I definitely need to keep up the long hours and accomplish what needs done every day. I honestly go from 6am till about 10pm every night... between sewing, back & forth to the school, hs'ing with Maria, homework with Mya, housework, cooking, cleaning, etc... it's energy sapping. When I wake up in the morning I literally feel like I just closed my eyes for 10 minutes and it's time to go again...

Dh & I have decided that owning a car here is not optional, and that's a big part of the reason why I have to keep things moving on my end with the income flowing. We're wanting to buy a vehicle outright (used) and will need to find out insurance rates, etc... in London, being without a vehicle for the most part wasn't much of an issue, but here, it's a whole other story, which I'll expand on when I have more energy. If you're in my area, you know exactly what I mean. But for now I need to focus on my sewing for bills and to save for a vehicle (hopefully) before winter hits. And yes, Dh does have his licence for Nova Scotia. I won't be driving anytime soon...

So for now, I'll keep on keeping on, and hope that things will settle or "even out" sooner than later as i'm not sure how long I can keep up this pace for. 6 hour nights and 18 hour days really are tiring... most days I don't even get a "break" except to eat my dinner. My eating habits are not stellar... healthy food, 100% yes, enough of it? Definitely not...

On that note I'm off for the night... I feel like I'm going to crash & burn and I have another good almost 2 hours before I can go to bed. *Yawn* I hope everyone had a fabulous day!

Finally Friday...


It's finally Friday! It's been a long and busy week, again. Today I sewed, cut the grass with our manual mower (that's a good workout I have to say!) ran out for a few things this morning after I took Mya to school, she's loving it btw, definitely in her element! I'm utterly exhausted after this week and am pledging to take the ENTIRE weekend off from "must do sewing/projects" and am just going to do whatever I please!

Tonight however I need to whip up a gift for Mya's friend, as tomorrow she has a birthday party to attend! I'll be going to as it's my east coast bestie and I'm going to help her with all the party prep etc...

I still have a handful of things left on my "to do" list for the day that need accomplished tonight.

  • Sweep main floor & stairs
  • Scrub lower bathroom
  • Scrub upper bathroom
  • Make birthday gift
  • Edit oil pouch photos (30)
  • Bake myself something to snack on
  • Sort folded clothes and put away
  • Read with Mya

Tomorrow morning I have my *Mini* EO pouch flash sale on Facebook that i've been slaving on all week! I'm so happy that I managed to get my goal of 30 pouches sewn for tomorrow along with keeping up with my custom orders this week! *faint* I'm really hoping that it goes well and I sell out! That probably won't happen, but how amazing would that be!!??



Sunday I'll be pkg'ing up all the sold pouches and mailing on Monday before I do my groceries!

Right now I'm relaxing for a few minutes, having a coffee & just finished reading "The Magnolia Story"... I loved it! It's a quick & easy read & inspiring. I love the show so I was expecting to enjoy the book and I really did. It made me laugh so many times throughout and I could relate with Joanna on so many levels. Chip & Joanna are very "real" and I think that's what I loved most about this book, they don't put on any airs and don't pretend to be something they're not. That really appeals to me... anyways, I recommend it!



Well Dh & the kids are eating dinner now, so I'm going to go finish my chores for the day so I can rest & relax tonight, and maybe even watch an episode of "The Crown". Let's hope I'm able to have a calm weekend, at least a little bit, I desperately need some *me* time!

Thanks for peeking in, have a great evening!


Do you have any fun plans for tonight or over the weekend?

I feel like I'm neglecting my little blog here...


Things have been so hectic and since blogging seems to take me quite a bit of time, generally most posts take me upwards of an hour, which is down-time I haven't had lately.

Right now it's 9:42pm and I just sat down for the first time today (not including while I was working at my desk), so it's been a long day. I'm making a very simple dinner of grass fed ground beef & brown rice pasta. No energy for anything else and I had a bunch of veggies at lunch, so it'll have to do. Being up at 6am is great for my productivity, but my body still wants for sleep. 6 hours is what I get on a good night, but my body & mind are telling me it wants more. LOL!

I always hope to blog daily, but time doesn't allow unfortunately.

Tomorrow on my agenda I need to:

  • Reply to emails
  • Make a birthday present for Saturday
  • Finish oil pouches in the morning & snap pics for my *flash sale* on Saturday
  • Sweep main floor
  • Laundry folded & put away (x2 loads)
  • Pkg custom orders to mail out either this weekend or Monday - probably Monday.
  • Build shelf for Mya's closet - I ordered one for myself as well but for some reason they only delivered one today? Odd.
  • Put in a zipper order - After I sort my zipper stash to see what I'll be needing soon

That's all I can think of for now as I'm exhausted... and on that note, I think my dinner is done, so I'm going to throw on HGTV while I eat then head to bed!