Long & busy days...
5 Things Friday...

Kitten update...


No luck getting the kitten yet, although we are feeding her mom & dad regularly. The mom is fine with dry kibble, but the dad is a fussy one, he'll only dive into the wet food. Leave it to a stray cat to be a "fussy eater"... hahaha!! Neither of us will come near us, they're very 'skiddish' and don't trust us one bit. It's too bad cause they're so pretty and we really want to pet them... lol!

The kitten apparently shows up on our neighbours porch most mornings so he's going to try to grab it for us if he can as well. But for us, we're not seeing is regularly. It's the cutest, fluffiest little thing though so I'm really hoping that we're able to get it soon!

When I walked Mya to school this morning it was -3c, so the temperatures are definitely dropping and it would be nice if the little one had a warm home and people to dote over it. I'm crossing my fingers that it's meant to be...

Here's my day in a nutshell:

  • I'm working on a handful of slimline wallets for my upcoming craft fair. My goal for today will be 4 wallets.
  • Canada Post run to mail out a few pkgs.
  • Laundry 2x.
  • Housework - Sweeping, wiping down bathrooms, cat litter needs changed, a big box needs broken down for recycling.
  • I need to tidy/organize my sewing desk and clean/oil my JUKI tonight.
  • Order envelopes.
  • Make a goal list of items for my upcoming craft fair.
  • WalMart run for a small fan for Maria to clip onto her headboard, who always 'runs hot', so poor Mya doesn't have to freeze every night with the big fan on.
  • Stop by bakery outlet to grab some bread, buns, english muffins, etc...

I think that about covers it for today... nothing out of the ordinary, it's chilly today and calling for rain but I'm hoping that doesn't happen until after I pick up Mya at 2:10pm!! Brrr..!! Too cold for rain!

On that note I'm off to cut more fabric and get ready to run out... enjoy your day!

PS - I listed a handful of gorgeous, heavy duty quilted keyfobs on my FB page in case anyone wants any! I'm taking the post down in a few hours and saving the rest for my craft fair!