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Long & busy days...

Another busy day here, it's funny as I had wrote in my planner for Sunday, "Lazy Day". Bahahahaha!! As if, my day was busy morning till night. It's a little disheartening honestly as I really wanted just one day to simply relax and enjoy some downtime and maybe get in some reading time, but alas, it was not meant to be. I did housework, laundry, cooking, sewing, packaged orders, custom work, replied to emails & pms, prep for school tomorrow, kid stuff, so on and so forth.
Every single day I'm working & running around from 6:00am in the morning till 10:00pm or so at night. I'm exhausted. I feel it. I look it. I don't wear make-up but I'm seriously considering purchasing an undereye concealer as my eyes are soo dark underneath. I'm not drinking enough water, and not eating enough again. When things are like this I tend to lose weight, so we'll see if I'm able to hang onto those few lbs I gained or not.
Ideally I'd be able to have normal hours for my sewing, but I guess until dh gets more hours, I need to make sure everything we need to cover is being covered. It's a huge change for us and definitely not one I'm used to. I hope I'm able to slow down a bit sooner than later though as I'm feeling very close to crashing & burning. I'm doing almost everything around here and it's wearing me out. I'm 100% overwhelmed.


Unlike her... she's chill. But why wouldn't she be?

She has 5 servants at her beck & call...




What's up for the week ahead...

  • Hopefully we're getting our dryer fixed. *sigh* The other night it took THREE HOURS to dry one small load of laundry. I'm over it and no way I'm going to pay 3 hours of energy costs for that. I'm hoping it's able to be fixed soon as I hate to fall behind on laundry and I can only hang up laundry for a bit longer before the weather is going to be too cold.
  • I'm crossing my fingers that I receive a fabric order so I can finish the last custom order on my list. I'm going to quilt the outer panels tomorrow so I have that part done at least and put together the pockets as well.
  • I need to make a list of items that I'd like to make for my upcoming craft fair on the 28th. I don't think it's going to be a very big event (small town) so I'm not going to knock myself out and am going to focus on $50.00 items or less for this one.
  • Canada Post run, Groceries, Library and we need a few misc items from WalMart.
  • A completed bedroom. I'm really hoping Dh puts together our bed frame & figures out where he's going to put his 4 or 5 boxes that are piled in the corner of our bedroom. Ugh! We finally have our new split boxspring, new metal bed frame and headboard/footboard, so now Dh just has to "get to it". As this is one thing I can't do on my own. I did manage to finally unpack my last box of clothes, get my new shelf (dh decided to use it for his hockey cards so I was waiting for him to clear it) and now my closet is fully organized which means it'll finally be quick & simple for me to find clothing in the morning.
  • Perhaps coming up with something reminiscent of a budget? Maybe instead of making a full monthly budget at the beginning of the month, I need to simply start slow and go week by week and see if I can stick to that first. Looking ahead to see what's happening, what we need, etc... and working with that.
  • I need to clean my JUKI, declutter my sewing desk and organize my hutch. I'd also like to hang some of my mini quilts as I haven't even hung one up yet!

That's all I can think of right now, it's after 11:00pm and I need to get in bed soon so I can aim for a solid 6 hours of sleep. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!