Watching my pennies...
WIP Wednesday...

A little "must have" purchase in cold weather...

It is finally into the colder fall weather here, and with that means "hard butter", which as most people know, is a pain. We only purchase butter here & it's unspreadable now. I hopped on Amazon this morning and found this pretty little "Butter Bell Crock" in a beautiful goldenrod colour. It's a nice compact size and will sit on our breadbox well. At $34.99, not a bad price and it'll save our sanity this fall & winter.



I used a refund we received on our credit-card yesterday to pay for it, so no damage was done to my weekly budget! Yay!

And on that note, I have a busy day ahead. I need to pull fabric for a couple of customs, get laundry started and need to run out for a few items. But first Mya has a play date in under an hour and I'm still sitting her in my pjs! Better get it in gear so I can have a productive day!

Thanks for peeking in!


Butter or margarine?

What's your preference?