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Five Things Friday


  1. We are so in love with our new little family member! Chester (above) makes us laugh so much and is truly such a sweet little guy! His little *meow* totally melts our hearts! Mya is so excited to get home from school & play with him! He really lights up our home... although the "Queen" is not impressed with him yet, she still hisses & growls but I think day by day we're seeing progress. Today Chester decided to "grab her tail", and you can imagine how much she loved that. It earned him a very evil ***HISSSSSSSSSS*** and a snarl. *sigh* I'm hoping that one day I won't be afraid to leave them together. Chester sleeps with child #2 with the door securely closed and the Queen with me at night, with run of the house that way we don't have to worry about the "what ifs". I know it takes time for older cats to adjust, and since we've had her for almost 15 years, she definitely has some adjusting to do, but I'm really hoping she'll come to accept him, even if she simply "puts up" with him.
  2. I was able to add $400.00 to our savings account today which makes me *very* happy!! I did an online gig for a large company early in the fall and the chq arrived today! This along with a sale of one of my NCW's which were posted yesterday helped me do this! I have a big, fat goal that I'd like to reach before the New Year, and it's a biggie, so I need to save as much as I possibly can in order to hit this number. I'm 80% there, but it's going to be a stretch to hit it. Especially since I still need to fund Christmas 100% on my own. I'm probably about 40% done my Christmas shopping, but there's still more to go. However, I need to earn $$ to finish, but I'm up for it...
  3. I actually have a menu plan in place for the week ahead which is going to keep our grocery bill low thankfully! Dh was sick last week and missed a lot of work which meant his paycheck was nothing to write home about. So I'm trying very hard to keep our budget as low as I possibly can this week, which means I'm not buying anything that isn't an absolutely necessity! Our slush fund is far lower than I'd like it to be (Christmas shopping and beefing up our weekly budget) so I need to focus on rebuilding it up to the $1K point again along with tucking away $$ into our savings account. Not enough $$ to go around though... lol!
  4. I had bacon today for the first time in 3+ months and it was soo very good!! Yummy! I only eat local & organic meats (you are what you eat!) and since they didn't have any bacon, I waited, and waited. Well yesterday I received a box full of organic bacon from "Thyme For Ewe" farm here on Cape Breton Island, and it was a happy, happy day! LOL!! $66.00 for a box of organic, local bacon delivered right to my door is worth every penny!! It'll last me for quite a while too!
  5. Since I've been sewing up a storm all week the house needs cleaned! Tomorrow I'm not turning on my sewing machine until I get the house tidied, top to bottom! Cat toys are strewn all over, and I realize this won't change any time soon, but I can make the kids put their crap away and give everything an once over tidy and wipe down! Mind you, if I showed pics I know everyone would just tell me I'm insane, but since I'm one of those "Type A's", I need and want it *clean* and clutter free. It makes me happy and gives my soul peace. Mya's play date starts at 11am (she's soo excited as is her sweet friend!) so I'd like to have the entire house cleaned by then. Shouldn't be a problem really, I'll make my list tonight and check things off as I go & make the kids help! I have pizza planned for lunch and am going to bake a cake for them as well. Once my housework list is complete I have a stack of cork pencil pouches to finish and another 4 NCW's!

And those are my 5 Things Friday! Nothing earth shattering, but my life rarely is. I hope everyone had a wonderful Friday, back tomorrow with something or other... probably sewing related!! I'm trying to get back into a "regular" blogging schedule, so if there are any types of posts you'd like to see, let me know in the comment section!

Enjoy your evening!