3 months and holding...
It's a boy!!

The week ahead...


Good Morning! I had a post ready to go last night, and when I clicked out for a minute, my blogging APP ate it. Grrr! So... that was that! I'm going to try again and see if it works. This is going to be a random post today, to cover all the thoughts swirling around in my head.

  • I was so very excited for something today, for the first time in a long time, but plans fell through and now dh is trying to find a way to make it happen for me, but it's not looking promising. It seems like one letdown after another lately and I'm really hoping things look up. I feel stranded & isolated here, it takes a village and I have no village anymore. It's a horrible feeling.
  • Mya had a high fever and vomiting all weekend. When I couldn't get her fever down I took her into the ER in the next town (NO medical care here at all after 3pm!) and the Dr we got rolled his eyes and said "she has a cold like every other kid in town", then told us to come back "if" it got bad. After spending 4+ hours in the ER and spending $70 on a cab, I wasn't impressed at all. If she doesn't need a medication, so be it, but at least show some damn compassion and bedside manners. Not happy and really hope we don't need to use that ER again. Thankfully Mya is feeling much better today and is currently getting ready for school.
  • My sister and BIL have been at the vets for the last week having blood tests, xrays, ultrasounds, and medications put into their sweet boy, Hazard. One of their cats took a sudden turn and has been at the vet all week. As we all know veterinarians don't come cheaply, so my sister is having a zipper charm sale on her Instagram account, @frogginghappy - if you're a fan of the beautiful zipper charms I use on my pouches, be sure to take a peek at her feed and grab a pkg or two to add a little extra pizzazz to your sewn creations!
  • On the note above, I'm going to send my sister and BIL a monetary gift to help with the high costs of their vet. I'm hoping to use my handmade hustle to replace that $$$ within a week. At least this way my sister will owe me zipper charms for life.... *insert evil laugh* So I'll be sewing long days again but it'll be worth it to help my sister. I only wish I was there with her right now... I'm going to make a plan today for my sewing this week and with any luck people will be in the shopping mood! Especially with Christmas on the horizon!
  • I ordered 2 bolts of interfacing on the weekend (ouch$!) as I've been plowing through my interfacing and I don't want to run out and be without. I managed to find one bolt on sale on Amazon and the other I supported a local (to London) business which I always order from but haven't in a while. I may or may not have added a wee bit of fabric to my order to hit free shipping as well. Free shipping minimums will get me sooo many times. *sigh* lol!
  • I'm really happy that I almost have a nice full box of my creations to send home to London! I'm going to send express tomorrow so the Merry Makers booth with have a fresh supply of my goods for this upcoming Saturday! Going to beef up the box as much as I possibly can today, price my items, pack the box and it'll be on the way!

I think that's about all for now... I need to run Mya to school in 10 minutes, so I'd better cut this short and get my day started! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Xox