Five Things Friday
A little "must have" purchase in cold weather...

Watching my pennies...


I'm on a mission to hit a few goals. I need to fund Christmas, I need to build up our slush fund and I really want to hit my big savings goal before the New Year, so I've been trying to save money here & there on whatever I can. It's not always easy, but there are things we do to save that will make a difference and keep us on track.

Here are a few things we did this week to help us stay within our budget:

  1. Dh found these eggs on sale and grabbed 4 dozen eggs! We eat a lot of eggs in this house, so this was a great deal for us! The original price on these eggs is almost $6.00/dozen, he ended up getting them for $1.14/dozen after another 50% off the sale price! So 4 dozen eggs for less than the price of one dozen eggs! Score!!
  2. Heat. It's just starting to get cold here and what I've been doing is turning on the heat early in the morning when I wake up for 10-15 minutes just to warm up the house then leaving it off for the rest of the day. If it's especially cold, like today, I'll turn it on later on in the day for another 10-15 minutes then leave it off for the rest of the night. It's better than leaving it on to kick on all day when it may not be needed.
  3. Menu planning. I've been horrible with menu planning over the last (long) while but I actually have a menu plan in place for the week! We have a low budget this week in order to meet savings goals, so we only grabbed what we needed. I need to pick up a few more items but we should definitely stay under budget this week. I have $115.00 left in our smaller than usual, $185.00 budget until Thursday, and I'm actually tracking this week to make sure I don't dig into our slush fund while I'm working on building it back up to $1K. In case anyone is wondering, our "slush fund" is just a little account that we use for things our regular budget doesn't cover. If the kids need clothes/boots/shoes, gifts, outings, etc...
  4. I'm resisting the urge to buy new fabric! Enough said. LOL!!
  5. We've been staying home. Not that there's really anywhere, whatsoever to go in this town, but all the same, it saves money to hang out around the house. I've been working on my sewing stock to fill my RTS (Ready to Ship) album which is a good way to spend my time!
  6. I received two refunds, one for a pair of crappy $25.00 headphones (not replacing them) and another for a pair of shoes we bought Mya that came with a manufacturers defect. I ended up finding her a pair of Skechers for under $25.00 since they're "end of season", so saved $20.00 there as well.

And there you have it... my go at staying within budget this week! So far, so good! We'll see how the rest of the week goes!


Are you working towards any savings goals?

Do you have a weekly budget?